Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Row, row, row your boat
Gently down the stream. 
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily
 Life is but a dream.
polls_dream_a_z_0251_876673_answer_2_xlargeWhat if I introduced the idea to you that this life is about as real as the dream you had last night?  Sit with that for a moment.
What would it mean for you if it were true?  What would it mean if you found out for certain that you were asleep in another dimension dreaming your current life?
Would you spend so much energy worrying?
Would you spend so much time working and sacrificing yourself?
How would you do things differently if you knew for sure that this life was just a dream? 

Lucid Dreaming

There are therapists and teachers who instruct people in the art of lucid dreaming.  To achieve a lucid dream, one must make the intention before falling asleep that she will remain conscious during her dreams.  There are many techniques to this end, and I encourage you to research and try them!
But what does it mean to be lucid dreaming while AWAKE?  If we’re playing with the idea that this life – this world – is a dream, then could you become conscious of your waking reality while living here and now?   

What is Reality?

There are many levels of reality, actually.  Right now you’re living in third density Earth, which is a dream you’re having from the fourth density.
If you were to wake up or become conscious of your fourth dimensional reality, this world would feel very surreal all of a sudden – just like if you became conscious within a nighttime dream.
Realizing who you are in your Awakened State makes this place seem like not such a big deal.
 Take a Breath 
When we wake up to what’s really going on here – we relax.  That’s why the yogis and gurus are always so chill and smiling.  They SEE SOMETHING WE DON’T. What they see is that it’s not really possible to make a mistake.  You can’t run out of time, and you can’t mess up your mission. 
hqdefaultIf you don’t get something right in a dream, do you fret and freak out over it in the morning?  No.  It was just a dream.  Gurus know that this life, too, is a dream and that there is no pressure or urgency. The lessons we’re meant to learn will be learned whether we stress out or relax.  In fact, there’s no stopping them.
The spiritual teachers of the world know that everything is ok. It always has been, and always will be.  And because they RELAX, they get more of the insight, psychic knowings, intuitions, and all the fun stuff YOU are longing to experience but are too wound up to get.
You are dreaming right now.  Take a deep breath and relax.  Enjoy the scenery.  Take time to smell the flowers.  Love your neighbor.  Realize that you are eternal and you’ve created this world as a place to learn.
Not as a place to beat yourself up, take abuse, or be stressed and miserable all the time.  You created this place so you could wake up and get hip to what’s really going on.  This place is a dream within a dream within a dream within a dream.   Your real self is still safely merged at home with All That Is – because it never left there.
Rise and Shine, beautiful.


Thursday, 23 April 2015

The benefits and the challenges of non-traditional organisational structures:
What was the first decision you made at work today? For people who work at a ‘holacracy’ it was where to sit. They also chose what to work on, how much their colleagues should be paid, and where they might all go on the next company holiday. Makes deciding what to have for lunch feel pretty inconsequential, doesn’t it?
In this series we’ve explored the ways in which businesses are being disrupted by new leadership models, the rise of technology, and a multi-generational workforce, so perhaps its inevitable that many of the organisations adopting these progressive advancements might take them to their natural conclusion: no management.
If your first instinct, when your boss goes on holiday, is to kick back, put your feet up and clock-off at lunchtime, then working within a flat organisation possibly isn’t for you. Holacracies, flatarchies and flat organisations require one key component if they are going to work, and that’s trust. Trust that you’ll get the work done, trust that you’ll do what’s needed, trust that you’ll be fair. Distributing authority from the one to the many makes the criteria for business success a part of everyone’s role, not just those with the right kind of job title. And that places enormous emphasis on the recruitment process which must ensure that people who join the organisation take that responsibility on board.

There’s a lovely (although probably apocryphal) story about the time President John F Kennedy visited NASA to get an update on his audacious goal of getting mankind intergalactic. After meeting with the engineers, the astronauts in training and the scientists breaking new ground every day, he bumped into a cleaner as he was leaving the building. On asking him what his job was, the cleaner replied ‘Sir, it’s my job to help put a man on the moon’.
It makes a superb point that flattening structures isn’t just about tearing up the organisational chart – it’s about communicating with everyone and allowing every single member of staff to feel like they play an integral part of the vision and mission of the company.
Done right, and the benefits can be plentiful. The very nature of a flat structure mirrors the broader sharing economy, which allows for flexible working, job-shares and other progressive employment opportunities which recognise that workers have full lives and commitments outside of the office. More fluidity amongst the staff means that expertise can be more readily shared, creativity and problem-solving take on greater premium, and businesses can flex more easily according to market pressures and customer demands.
But it’s certainly not for the feint-hearted. The inherent contradiction is that loser, flatter organisations still need a tight handle on how decisions are made so that ‘group-think’ doesn’t hamper the pace needed to drive growth. There are pros and cons to be considered, and for many the traditional ‘command-and-control’ approach to leadership still gets the fundamentals right, particularly for global multinationals dealing with complex workforces and multiple market cultures.
Ultimately, it takes us back to that motivating vision of putting a man on the moon. Because we can talk about ‘operational alignment’ and ‘engagement paradigms’ and ‘conscious workforces’ all we like, but in truth it all comes down to something profoundly simple: we can achieve extraordinary things when everyone is given a part to play.

Tearing up the organisational chart

Monday, 6 April 2015

How Project Management Templates Can Improve Productivity, Consistency and Speed of a Certain Process in Your Project? How Any Process Can Be Documented Properly By Using Relevant Template? 

For any business to successfully run, it needs proper planning of the business processes. Businesses have to plan and complete certain projects to achieve their mail objective. For these projects to run smoothly, a business appoints a project manager who will take care of the planning, documentation and execution of the projects. Different managers were appointed for different projects, and each manager had to make sure he coordinates with the other to ensure that the business process as a whole functions well. However, this consistency could not be maintained between different project managers in big organizations. This is what brought about the idea of project templates. There was also a lot of confusion when managers compared different plans of projects because of lack of consistency. 

Project management templates were created to improve the consistency of a certain project. They were also made to speed up the process of documentation and planning of different business needs. They were first used only by the managers, but now businesses are realizing that these templates can be used in every department of a business to increase the consistency and proficiency of that particular department. 

Businesses can use only one template for every department in order to avoid confusion. This will help one department get a better idea about another department's process of planning and documentation, and therefore avoid confusion. 

Another great benefit of using templates is when there is a change on management, the new person coming in can immediately find out about the process of a certain project and get used to it. Even when there needs to be a change in the whole working of a company, these templates can be really helpful with implementing it. 
When selecting project management templates, ensure that they are user friendly. This means it needs to have step by step instructions in order to make it easy for the user to create the required documents they need to produce. It should also include real life examples to make it simpler to understand. A good template will already have charts and graphs laid out in a professional manner, and all the user needs to do is enter the data. 

Remember, project management templates are there to improve the productivity and speed of a certain process, and therefore need to be simple to use. Documentation with the help of them should not consume a lot of amount of time since that will just destroy the purpose. 

We Offer a Complete Set of 7000 plus Project Management and Business Templates, Plans, Tools and Forms with detailed guides and examples. And everything a project manager needs to deliver a successful project. And these templates Can Increase the Efficiency of Project Managers to Meet the Project. 

Project Management Templates Can Improve Productivity, Consistency and Speed of a Certain Process in Your Project

Friday, 6 February 2015

Have you long suspected that there are profound capacities and powers hidden in your heart that can rapidly accelerate your healing, evolution and effectiveness – IF you could truly awaken them?

If so, you’re not alone. In fact, the call to ignite the full capacity of our hearts to love radically, intelligently and unconditionally lies at the center of the entire human potential movement.

That’s because Love is what we most appreciate, are most attracted to and aspire to become. It’s the signal of real spiritual mastery. Life is a school that is teaching each of us what it means to really and truly live as Love.
And yet love usually rises and falls, comes and goes. It becomes a general intention and a vague ideal, even if it is at the center of life’s curriculum. It becomes abstract... unless we are initiated into a profound practice, an actual “yoga” of building consistent heart intelligence.
Spiritual pioneers from Jesus to Ramana Maharshi emphasized the sacred, alchemical capacities that include and transcend the biology of the heart – making it a hidden portal to radical awakening that can then infuse and transform everything that we do.
To pass through this portal requires authentic humility, patience, wisdom and skill. It requires developing a new capacity for what some mystics call “feeling intelligence.”
It involves knowing all of the dimensions of Love in all the areas of our lives...from the blissfully sublime to the heart-breaking.
The integral heart is the access point for the awakening of our divine humanity. It is the gateway to conscious evolution – functioning as the actual integrator of body, mind, spirit ... and the larger field of global and cosmic intelligence.
To awaken our heart's intelligence, though, is a radical matter... needing us to go far deeper than mere sentimentality or sweet emotional feelings. It integrates the knowledge of the mind, rather than giving preference to feeling over mental clarity. It also means being very honest with ourselves.
In our public culture, people rarely speak courageously about the universal, existential experience of loneliness. Much of society is devoted to avoiding difficult feelings. So it’s no wonder that we rarely talk honestly about loneliness... or about dying and our fear of death... or about the profound matter of learning to love. This tends to keep our capacity to contact the heart’s innate illuminating knowingness at a superficial level.
As you learn how to activate the “integral heart,” you mobilize a new form of intelligence in your life – one that gives you access to more clarity and more empathy at the same time. You begin to feel Truth in a whole-bodied, visceral way. You learn to navigate complex situations with more clarity and greater sensitivity. You begin to feel an ecstatic current of divine presence pouring through your body and mind in a way that makes you magnetic to what you most want to create in your life and what “It” wants to create with you.

Activating the Integral Heart: 4 Keys to Unlocking the Hidden Powers of Your Heart Intelligence

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Do you want to build a thriving business that aligns with your soul and helps change the world?

Chances are you got into business not only to make a living but also to change the world by evolving and expressing more of our human potential. If so, your aim is to create what we’re calling a “sacred business” – a purpose-driven business that is about love AND excellence, service AND profit, spirit AND money, authenticity AND professionalism.
It’s about creating a business that expresses your soul and empowers the self-actualization of all those who are part of it.
But so often when people are motivated to change the world, they haven’t studied what makes a business effective and powerful, nor how to integrate the best practices for truly enlightened relationships with staff, customers, and even investors. They haven’t learned how to market heartfully and effectively, nor have their offerings aligned with their real purpose and targeted to the right customers.
Ask yourself:
  • Are you a business owner or entrepreneur who wants to integrate your spiritual practice into your business?
  • Do you want to grow your business by attracting the right customers through marketing that feels authentic and high-integrity?
  • Do you want to create a sustainable income and lifestyle without the typical overwhelm and burnout of running a business on your own?
If so, keep reading. For the last five years, we’ve been hosting the most conscious and pioneering business leaders through the Enlightened Business Summit – pioneers who have real answers to the questions above. They have built 6-, 7-, 8-, even 9-figure businesses on principles of self-actualization, customer happiness, enlightened culture and spiritual principles. They have taught thousands how to market with heart, shift their wealth mindset, package products for virtual launches, and build brands that reflect their soul.
The 6 Foundations for Building a Sacred Business is designed to give you key insights that allow you to take your business to the next level – which contributes to the larger shift on the planet.
And, if you want the support of today’s top enlightened entrepreneurs and teachers, we will also be announcing and sharing about the launch of the Sacred Business Startup program for 2015.
This 6-month “mini-MBA” features top conscious business leaders who have DONE what you want to do – and can help you and your business to reach new heights of success in alignment with your soul.
During the 6 Foundations for Building a Sacred Business seminar, you’ll learn key steps to:
  • Uncover your true purpose, and use that to guide your business
  • Strategically articulate your ideal client, so you can align your business with your purpose
  • Create an offer that so resonates with your purpose that you can’t help but be irresistible to your potential clients
  • Enact heart-based principles that attract clients without struggling
  • integrate compassionate marketing strategies – so you’re giving clients what they need, rather than what you need to sell
  • Nourish an enlightened entrepreneurial mindset
Join us for a fast- and information-packed session, all for free, by registering below:

The 6 Foundations for Building A Sacred Business

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Humankind has been living in survival and competition for millions of years because of the belief that there is something that needs defending—verbally, emotionally or physically. Even though this need is usually acted out through words rather then through physical assaults, it is most often seen and felt as an attack coming from fear and the belief that something you hold dear needs defending. You feel you must protect yourself and sometimes others, yet the new Golden Age will not be ego-based so there will be no need to defend your position, your projects or your image in the world. Instead, it will be natural to uphold agreements that are in support of all life and you will know and feel in the new Golden Age that everyone and everything is there to love and support you.
Ascended Masters Saint Germain and Lady Nada 
When there is no need to defend yourself, you are completely available to love and be loved. This is the profound longing of every soul, yet this kind of love is basically unknown in your 3rd dimensional world. Now is the time to give up every belief that is founded in fear and to move through your days and nights knowing that all of the illusions that have kept you in survival have no authentic power over your soul and you are moving into a time that will no longer be controlled by the belief that you need to defend yourself to survive.
For this to become a worldwide reality, love must be lived and felt fully by every soul until it spreads like wild fire. It must be openly lived so it has the power to stimulate every heart’s remembrance of their true spiritual inheritance.  We in the heavenly realms are sending this kind of unconditional love into your hearts, minds and bodies every moment of your every day and night and we invite each of you to join us by sending these same supportive frequencies around your world during these pivotal times. We encourage you to think, feel, act and live with unconditional love until it becomes this great wild fire. Your love is the fuel that this great fire needs to spread around your world from heart to heart.
This is the way that war will cease and the way you can be an integral part of initiating a new Golden Age on Earth. It is also the way you will be able to return to paradise on Earth. When each of you takes full responsibility for thinking, feeling and projecting only Divine, unconditional love with no hidden agendas or judgments of others or the unsavoury conditions that are still taking place around your world, then you will be free to align with the consciousness of your God Presence and the old paradigms will simply cease to exist.
We are not proposing that you wear blinders, yet rather that you see that behind all of the acts, actions and atrocities that are even now taking place around your world, there is a glorious Divine Crystalline Blueprint that is just waiting to be implemented and this implementation depends on your alignment with your already-ascended Presence. It is from this higher plane of your consciousness that you will be free to live on your Earth as an awakened master.
As a master living in Unity or Christ consciousness, there is no need to defend yourself, your thoughts, your feelings or even your proposals for a better world. These may all be expressed lovingly, yet without any attachment to how they may be energetically approved or disapproved by others. This leaves you completely free from having to either react or even respond to any possible negative reactions or rejections of your proposed plans. When there is no attachment to the outcome, there is no stress. Many of your great inventors and master teachers have had to walk through the fires of rejection, yet true masters walk through these fires unscathed by the opinions of others who may not share in their visions for a better world.
We encourage all of you to remember your choice to leave the consciousness of your old world so you could walk during these pivotal times as demonstrations of Golden Age citizens who chose to open the doors so as many as possible could mentally, emotionally and physically shift their attention into the freedom that comes from living in Unity or Christ Consciousness. 

To assist you in making this shift into living in the peace, freedom and joy of Unity Consciousness, Create the Life You Want to Live has been created. We invite you to participate:

Golden Age Messages from the Masters: Living in Peace and Freedom

Monday, 15 September 2014

For all of us who long for more peace and harmony in our lives and our world, some days, the challenges we face feel daunting.
In these times, it’s common to feel overwhelmed by the inner conflicts within ourselves – not to mention the pain generated by clashes with family members, friends, co-workers... and even strangers. And when we hear about bullying in schools, the senseless violence in our neighborhoods and the bloodshed in war-torn nations, it’s so easy to feel helpless and fall into despair.

It can be difficult to know where to turn to find the inspiration and guidance we need to heal the conflicts in our own hearts, in our relationships and in our larger world.
This is where The Summer of Peace comes in.
This monumental 3-month event features insights and practical skillsfrom the world’s leading peacebuilders – so you’ll be empowered tobecome an effective agent of peace who can co-create a life and a world where peace – instead of conflict – is the new baseline.
  • You’ll discover more personal ease, joy and well-being with practices to help you connect more profoundly to the deep peace within yourself.
  • You’ll experience deeper, fuller and more harmonious relationships with your family, friends, co-workers and community members.
  • You’ll be inspired and uplifted when you hear the success stories from some of the most desperate areas on the planet.
  • And you’ll discover powerful tools to help accelerate the shiftto a world of peace!
Join the top peacebuilders – people like Desmond Tutu and Eckhart Tolle – and organizations who are coming together with the intention of helping you bring more peace to all areas of your life and our planet.
June 13 – September 21
70+ of the world’s top peacebuilders, social change leaders, indigenous elders and spiritual mentors offering inspiration, skills training and powerful solutions – to bring inner, interpersonal and collective peace efforts to the next level.
Programs Include:
  • 11 Days of Global Unity
  • Spirituality and Peace Meditation Series
  • Embodying Peace in Daily Life Series
  • Next Generation Solutions Series

Summer of Peace - Building to the International Day of Peace: Transform Your Heart, Relationships and the World

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