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The Secrets to Spiritual Awakening

"God is there only if you surrender. Surrender makes anything God.
                                     Surrender gives you the eyes, and everything that is brought to these
                                     eyes becomes Divine."                                                ~   Osho
To be enlightened is to be aware of the Divine within yourself. To be lost in life is to forget that you are sacred, holy, and an exquisite being of light who is deeply loved. To remember this sweet succulent paradigm is not hard to do, in fact it happens easily and naturally when we become radically honest with ourselves. When we decide to realize that this is the real truth and it is available right now, we peel back the layers of lies and fabricated beliefs we have about ourselves and create instant access to our natural enlightened state.
At the core of every atom is God, and we cannot ever be separate from that. To argue against this idea is to resist having perfect clarity. To ignore it is to ruin your chances to draw upon the unlimited possibilities eagerly being born for you in each moment. Your greatest potential you have is awaiting for your acceptance. It is already here now. You simply need to invite it in and integrate it into your life.
When it comes down to describing it's very essence, the Universe you live in is a highly sensitive super intelligent field of pure conscious energy. Your level of connection to this field is ultimately responsible for whether you struggle through life, or learn how to sit back and really enjoy the journey all along the way. The Universe has already established a very deep and intimate connection with you. It already knows everything about you.
The Universe knows what you crave, what you resist, what you habitually avoid, what you're addicted to, and what you truly yearn for yet don't allow yourself to have. This conscious Universe knows what you want, the very instant your desire is formed. The Universe is soooo attentive, constantly here by your side, assisting you in every possible way to manifest those practical results you desire, guiding you towards the sweet dreamy life you are destined to have.
When you can fully accept this idea that you're living in a highly intelligent divine conscious Universe that loves you, stuck in a playground of divine proportions, something magical begins to happen. An ocean of possibilities starts opening up all around you, and you realize how amazing life actually is!
You understand how EASY it is to manifest ANYTHING you desire. This idea seems to get you very excited about simply being alive.
Through your deepest connection to this super conscious loving Universe, you naturally begin paying more attention to who and what you are. You start noticing that you have an exquisite awareness inside you, that is watching, listening and paying attention to every single moment of your life. You start to become aware of awareness itself, becoming a more conscious awake person, who listens closer to what your innermost thoughts and feelings truly are.
The wonderful thing about increasing your state of awareness is that there is an inexhaustible supply of it. The more you can tune into it, the bigger it becomes, and the more amazing your life gets! With more awareness, the critical judgmental condescending mind cannot continue. It begins to fall away because you stop entertaining it and believing that it exists at all! You start paying more attention to the things which only make you feel good on the inside. You begin noticing that your life is ripe and ready for you to pounce on it, and experience it in its grand totality. You see there are no "shoulds" or "should nots" in life. You fully accept others the way they are and yourself as you are. This attitude blossoms a profound, peaceful understanding that things are divinely perfect just the way they are.
Waking up in life simply happens the more fully you are being in this moment. The more aware you become of this moment, the more you realize that life is happening for you, and not to you. You begin to become "pronoid" which is the opposite being paranoid. You truly feel that the Universe is conspiring in your favor, and you know how intimately the Universe cares for you. There is an acceptance that every thought sailing through your head is a sacred mysterious gift for you to unwrap and unravel.
In the awakening mind, there is a finely attuned awareness of your listening. Your ability to hear the deeper message increases, and you know each message you receive is the perfect feedback you needed to hear to assist you. You realize that all the thoughts which come out of conversations with people, emails, media, and "random events" in the outer world are all awakening gifts from the divine.
                             "Awareness is ever there. It need not be realized. Open the shutter of the mind,
                                                        and it will be flooded with light."                ~   Nisargadatta
One of the most powerful ways to instigate this spiritual awakening is to take on the challenge to simply relax and enjoy each moment of your life completely. I know this sounds ridiculously simple, yet there is a constant push of tension and intense energy coming from the modern world. Acquiring the ability to remain in a relaxed receptive body and mind all day long is extremely powerful. The more deeply you can relax into it, the more specific information you can pick up, and the easier it becomes to manifest the life of your dreams. The more you can relax into this divine conscious energy that's abiding in your awareness, the deeper becomes the knowing that you are a super powerful manifesting being.
If there was a first step for everyone to truly "wake up" in this lifetime, it would be an outrageous surrender to our pure state of awareness in this deeply relaxed body. This is a deep dropping into who and what we really are. We have to give up wanting, needing and yearning for life to be different, to free the mind enough to simply drop into the divine core of our being. It is deeply peaceful and powerful and will change the way you see everything and interact with everyone.
At some point in life, the suffering will stop happening to you. Life will change it's game, and you'll be forced to release your constant longing to do more, be more, have more, and find a way to simply be content with each experience of your day as it is. Everything becomes interesting from this place. Yet, the most interesting thing is that this non-achieving mindset contains the most magnetic, attractive and powerful manifesting energy available. It holds the power of pure creativity and realize we can manifest anything our heart desires.
The deepest transformation of our lives cannot happen from pure will. It occurs naturally and spontaneously by simply remaining curious 24 hours a day. Remaining conscious that this divine and powerful awareness that is merged with the whole forever expanding Universe is what's here now. When there is a deep relaxation into the core of your awareness, into the center of your being, this huge shift simply happens. You become vigilantly aware of the type of habitual thinking that you've had for lifetimes, and are able to shift out of it. You become a supremely conscious being who is aware of your biggest truth and what beliefs you need to release to radically expand your experience of reality. You become extremely receptive and open to new ideas, people, and places, knowing these help form new insights as to the specific actions you need to take for your soul's greatest spiritual awakening to occur.
When the "waking up" process begins, you feel as if you're falling in love with life, your Self being the center of it. You are deeply intrigued about yourself, paying very close attention to how intelligent, loving and guided you naturally are. This natural state of self love changes the greatest thing of all. Your mind naturally and effortlessly starts entertaining ONLY the positive thoughts, and gently ignores the negative ones. You are soooo wide awake that you couldn't imagine believing a negative thought to be true.
Through your awakening you become a gratitude factory for life, constantly overflowing with happiness, trust and kindness. You find your mind naturally decides to be grateful about the food you're eating instead of complain. Your mind tends to trust that things will work put perfectly in your future, instead of worry. You choose to be honest about the tiniest little things, instead of pull out a white lie. You naturally appreciate others for who they are being, and tell them this to their face. There is a fearlessness about life, and also a more humble undemanding approach to life as all your relationships become your greatest teachers. You simply become a happier more satisfied human being as a result of this constant expansion of consciousness, and as a natural by product, you become an even stronger manifesting magnet for what your heart longs for.
                      "I find that somehow, by shifting the focus of attention, I become the very thing I look at,
                       and experience the kind of consciousness it has; I become the inner witness of the thing.
                       I call this capacity of entering other focal points of consciousness, love; you may give it
                       any name you like. "                         ~   Nisargadatta
The more aware we are of our awareness and how its connected to the entire conscious Universe, the faster and easier we wake up. We come to trust in the amazing consciousness within us and know it's guiding our every move. There is this perpetual letting go and "letting in" experience, which is the foundation of trust in it's most raw form. This is the final key to unlocking the spiritual pathway for the Universe to enter your heart and guide your life in each moment. This level of trust is amazing, as it will deliver every desire you want to have in life with effortless joy and ease.
The more you can trust in your own power and connection, the more you'll feel and know yourself as pure creative conscious energy who is unstoppable in anything that you decide to take on. Yes, you are unstoppable! Take this thought in deeply. Rest with it deep inside yourself. Allow the calm quiet awareness that's connected to your breath inhale this idea all day long! Let yourself feel unstoppable in everything you desire in life. You CAN have what you want, yes you deserve it! This is how powerful this connection is to the Universal source. Try it. You'll quickly train the mind to let go of any old fears, negativity and lower vibrations that may be lingering deeper inside you.
When we are truly awakened beings, we seem to be not of this world. We can simply visualize what we want, feel we are receiving the physicality of it, know it's coming our way, and it magically manifests into our lives. There are no real limitations or boundaries unless the mind believes in them to be there. Instead, we find there is this natural enjoyment of every moment of our journey. The awakened being is piercing through the mind's judgments about others, and receiving warm fuzzy feelings from the Universe in it's place. There is a knowing that we are all divine and totally loveable human beings exactly the way we are, and have truly nothing to fear. There is a relaxed mastery over the mind, a feeling of oneness with all of life, and we find that life itself is the greatest miracle! All of this and much much more is discovered by simply enjoying each mysterious new moment of life, exactly as it is.

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