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To love someone whom you like is insignificant. To love someone because they love you is of no consequence. To love someone whom you do not like means you have learned a lesson in life. To love someone who blames you for no reason shows that you have learned the art of living.  ~ Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


Humanity is once again, in the midst of a global awakening of consciousness. In this present awakening more people from all walks of life are more interested and are openly seeking spiritual understanding and spiritual growth than have done so in the past seventy five plus years. A factor in this increase in spiritual seekers is undoubtedly the fact that it is now easier to spread information via the internet, as more people get online to seek out information or to share that information. These millions of spiritual seekers hoping to receive or share  information on inner spiritual growth, or enlightenment, or whatever other label they chose to use, says that the widespread awakening of humanity is not just a dream or a fantasy of those who  are already awake and feel themselves to be connected to all of life.


Another factor in the increasing number of spiritual seekers could be disillusionment with old established but patently ineffective solutions. A certain amount of foreboding, for humanity's personal and collective existence may also be playing a part in this dedicated search for a higher meaning to life. Even if this is true, it does in no way detract from the amazing and inherent good in humanity's awakening. In fact it should be quite obvious that even negative situations have in them the seed of great potential for good. Humanity does not have to be punished and removed from the planet that is not a part of the Divine plan.There is no angry God sitting off somewhere in heaven, deciding to do away with us because we have been so bad, that the earth just needs a good clean up.


This of course was the overwhelming idea promulgated by many leading up to December 2012. Though Spirituality has nothing to do with established religion, lack of understanding underpinned with fear, causes some spiritual seekers and teachers to borrow from religion's fire and brimstone rhetoric, along with cultural myths that pretend to be the truth. That is not to say that our collective hearts and the effects of our errors on the planet, do not stand in need of change, we are quite capable of creating havoc that could have widespread ramifications unless enough of humanity awakens.


There is always cause and effect in man's affairs; it is one of the immutable universal laws. We are co-creators with that principle, energy, or force that we call God. Having free will does require us to exercise that free will with responsibility. Man is a powerful creator whether he is aware of it or not. He himself can also freely correct his errors at any time before the effects of his thoughts and actions are fully established, through setting up new conditions, or forgiving himself and calling on the law of grace, or best of all, through love.

Love is the cosmic equivalent of the perfect remedy, the one cure for everything that every household should have. Love cleans everything and it can be taken internally for whatever ails humans. The emotion that we know as love is a potent vibrating energy, it is a facilitator, transporter, magnetic attractor and it is the bond that holds creation together. Our source creates from a point of view of love. 


Our source, or God, extends itself into us and in so doing, experiences more of life, through us.  We are made from primal material and endowed with the light that is the essence of our source. It is this spark of light within us that enlivens us and keeps us attached to our source. There is never any separation between God, our source, and ourselves, because we are simply and beautifully extensions of this source called God. However because of our free will, it means that our source does not interfere and force us to behave either one way or the other. 


The law of cause and effect does serve as a self-limiting gauge on just how far we as humans can go down the wrong path.  Man creates the false mental illusion that he is separate from God (and thereby all the good that he was meant to enjoy) primarily through fear which is the opposite of love, in cosmic terms. Fear of thinking himself a mere human without any power; fear of not knowing how he came to be, and fear of thinking that he is a victim of climate and geological or other forces over which he thinks that he has no control. Man has to this end created Gods that are extremely cruel to their creations.  Just so that he, man, could then dream up a set of rules which, he imagines if strictly adhered to, would cause these cruel Gods to treat man more kindly, and more mercifully. Or at the very least, reward him with eternal life after death.  I always found it odd that eternal life would come to man only after death, the very death that man feared so much and the only reason why he has even bothered to try to live up to the extreme expectations of the cruel Gods that he had invented to keep himself in line.


Meanwhile, modern man has evolved perfectly with his fully functioning ideal God self-hidden inside of him awaiting his discovery. It is this discovery by humanity that is now taking place en masse. The only question is, can we still bring more love and more peace to the planet and correct the negative course that we have set that robs us of the peace and harmony that so many desire. I believe that the answer is yes; as long as enough of us uncover our ideal selves in time and realize that the quickest way to change our fear-laden, and we worry, on-the-brink-of-extinction world is through love and through changing our reality through acquiring the knowledge of who we really are, and then acting from that knowledge.

You are not accidental. Existence needs you. Without you something will be missing in existence and nobody can replace it.   ~ Osho


Modern man has evolved with his real God self-hidden inside of him awaiting his discovery. It is this discovery by humanity that is now taking place en masse. The only question is, do we still have time to change the set course of things?. I believe the answer is yes as long as enough of us uncover our ideal selves in time and realize that the quickest way to change our fear-laden, seemingly on the brink of extinction world, is through love and through changing the way we look at ourselves and our world. 


Whatever man thinks about individually or collectively he creates. The natural world is also made of the same primal elements and under man's dominion therefore man's creative thoughts and actions are impressed on nature.  Most see Global warming and climate change only as a direct result of burning fossil fuels and the trapping of greenhouse gases. While they obviously add to the cause, they are only one part of the cause. We should not ignore the mental causes.  The universe, in which we have our being, is a mental universe. It is vibrating mind, energy. To ignore that makes about as much sense as having a doctor treat only the condition you complain of, when it obvious that the original problem has affected other functions or parts of the body. Secondly we have spent centuries imaging ourselves to be enemies, hating each other and fighting for supremacy. The energy from this hate and violence does not dissipate into thin air without leaving traces of itself into the universal field of consciousness that connects all mankind.


We are already our true selves so let us not waste time studying and following paths to some ideal self that we hope to embody someday. We should instead accept the fact that we are already made whole, perfect and complete, even if everything seems to point to the contrary at the present moment in our lives.  By reflecting on this fact of our already whole, complete and perfect selves as often as we can, and especially in meditation, we allow the uncovering and the coming into being in our consciousness of this self. It is this higher perfect self which does the unfolding without the aide of any particular ritual. If it is a particular book, or a person or an experience that needs to impact your life, it will just show up as long as you keep up your end of the bargain and put your attention and intention of living from your ideal self. All it needs is to be recognized and then the desire to live from this self, causes it to become dominant in the individual's day to day life.


Creating and manifesting becomes effortless when we are living as our ideal selves. Even if we slip and err at times, once awakened to this true state of being, it is much easier to return to that which is our normal rightful state. I've held up the model of an ideal self only as a way of illustrating the points that I wanted to make. There is in reality, no other self but this ideal. We may live from a combination of our senses and our egos, which carries the illusion of separate selves; however there is really only one self. The true self.  


This self with its' ability to create even more effectively, can change our present undesirable conditions. This self recognizes no separation from God our source or from each other. This self knows no fear or hate. This self also sees the reality of things as they are, and sees no illusions. When we are living at our true self, there is therefore no struggle to love your so-called enemies; There is no struggle to forgive, no matter how heinous the behavior And incidentally, since love vibrates at a higher rate than hate, it dissolves hates, similar to a light that is turned on in a room that is in pitch blackness, will dissolve that darkness. Yup that’s how the universe is set up!. Love is stronger than hate. Go figure. 

Love is the language of enlightenment, of the higher self. The work that each individual needs to do is with himself or herself, and then only to acknowledge and ponder over this wonderful self that we already are. There is no need to preach to others; If we want to more directly help another, it is as simple as seeing the same god in ourselves, as being in that other person. 

I have a little saying of my own that came to me one day, when I heard myself say it, and it is that 'I see everyone else as myself, just inhabiting other bodies.' Every one that I see is me. The tall ones, the short ones, the fat ones, the ones with the bad attitude and the ones with the great attitudes; all are me. When you look at the rest of humanity this personally, it really brings it home that we are all one and it is no longer just an intellectual idea.


Our subconscious only knows the one mind and the one self. It only knows of 'one self' residing in separate forms or bodies. Therefore when we criticize others or say hateful things or refuse to forgive, it thinks that we are talking about our own selves. Imagine that, you call someone an idiot and your subconscious hears that you've just declared yourself to be an idiot. God was not playing a cruel joke on us. The life in us is from the same source, remember, so the connection is automatic. All the light bulbs on a string of lights are connected by the electricity that feeds them, and there is no point complaining about some bulbs being not quite as bright as others.. 


The quickest and most effective way to effect positive changes on our planet and in our own lives is to say YES to our inner desire to live in peace and harmony. Desire can be our guiding light on the path to a transformed earth as well as transformed individual lives.

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