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Is this network the Next Social Media Titan? How to Get Started Tips and Exclusive Interview

Is the next social media titan akin to Facebook? And why do you only have until Mar. 31 to get in on the ground floor of the next possible internet sensation? NEURS insiders explain the next big web trend for business, the newly-launched compensation plan and an exclusive interview with NEURS’ Abel Prieto.
Perhaps you’ve heard of NEURS through the grapevine or you’ve been sent an invitation to join for free, but what really is it? Well, some entrepreneurs believe may be the next social media titan akin to Facebook or Twitter. But what is it really, how can you be part of the next possible internet sensation and how can you make money from spending your time online?
First off, is branding itself as a “global affiliate marketing opportunity” for business providers and entrepreneurs. Broadly speaking, will be to entrepreneurs and their suppliers like Facebook is to friends and family.
“When I first learned about, I envisioned a future where the entrepreneurial minds would empower each other to turn anybody’s passion into a livelihood as a rule – not an exception anymore,” says Uwe Uehle of Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, who founded and @NEURSNews on Twitter. “NEURS’ affiliate program in and of itself empowers people to create wealth by collaboration instead of being in competition.”
On Saturday, NEURS CEO Frank Codina shared the company’s highly-anticipated compensation plan to hundreds of thousands of beta testers all over the world. Yes, the NEURS team has decided to bypass capital venturists and bankers and allow what they are calling “founding members” to benefit from what could be the biggest internet explosion since the 90s.
Yes, is a multi-tiered business model. No, it hasn’t been done before on such a global scale on a web platform that is built to connect businesses and entrepreneurs around the globe and in record time. This share-the-wealth “affiliate” program is a multi-tiered marketing approach that has the potential to improve many people’s lifestyles with a strong financial upgrade.
Plus, Codina surprised his livestream audience with one really big incentive. If you sign up by Mar. 31 (for only $49 or $79!), you are guaranteed the benefits of a “founding member.” This could mean a healthy dose of dollars to the lucky thousands around the world who had the foresight to jump into the ring at the very beginning.
Watch Compensation Rebroadcast:
Even if you don’t want to get involved on an “affiliate” level always recruiting new affiliates, will eventually have innumerable other applications for entrepreneurs such as training, education, marketing and advertising. Again, consider NEURS as THE social network and business capital platform for the heads of businesses AROUND THE GLOBE. Although not much has yet been written about NEURS, some savvy business people are already calling it “a global hub for entrepreneurs.”
@NEURSNews today had an exclusive interview with NEURS communications director Abel Prieto about saturday’s launch. “I believe when you release a service, like the one we’re now all a part of, to the world of entrepreneurs, it’s impossible to fail because entrepreneurs are such special people,” he says. “When you combine their energies, get ready! And when you combine the energies of entrepreneurs GLOBALLY, there’s no stopping it. That’s what’s happening. It’s only going to get BIGGER AND BETTER AND FASTER because that’s the only thing that CAN HAPPEN.”
How can you get on the ground floor of NEURS? Here’s how it’s done and what’s happening next:
Find a NEURS affiliate and sign up. You must be personally invited by a NEURS affiliate (see links below). It’s free and all you need to supply is your first name, last name, email address and business phone number (optional). Get your affiliate link. Here’s how:
Get three people to register for free so you can get access to VIP videos and tools. Sign up six affiliates and receive a copy of the NEURS book, Start Now, which is co-authored by professional speaker and business consultant Dr. Denis Cauvier. Now dean of NEURS University, Dr. Cauvier is the author of 10 business and self-development books, including the international bestselling book The ABCs of Making Money. How to download your Start Now! e-book for free:
The GREAT news is NEURS made a surprise announcement on Saturday that every entrepreneur who registers as an affiliate ($49 or $79) on or before Mar. 31 is guaranteed a coveted and possibly highly lucrative spot as a “founding member”. So far, hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs around the world are waiting to place their bets on the latest and greatest business tool to ever hit the web.
Consider teaming up with an entrepreneur friend in whom you trust or who is in the same industry as yourself and sign up. To register with someone from the @NeursNews media team choose from:
YOUNIVERSE Light Ambassador & Entrepreneur :
Stay in touch with @NeursNews and for the latest from NEURS, for training, encouragement, community and most especially on registering and paying as an affiliate by the fast-approaching March 31 deadline to be the only people ever to make “founding member” status.

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