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Enneagram Global Summit - Today Top Teachers Uniting Wisdom for You

Most of us recognize the importance of kindness, grounded presence and mindful action in our lives. Yet, every day we encounter situations and people that can trigger self-sabotaging reactions in us.
Even if you’ve been on a spiritual path for decades, you may find yourself humbled by the ways these unconscious reactions bring you back to patterns you thought you had outgrown long ago. These can be affecting your health, your sense of self, yourrelationships, and your ability to bring your gifts to life.

How you perceive and respond to challenges – as well as opportunities – is in part unique to you. But there are also very powerful patterns that are unique to your “type” of person on the planet.
Perhaps you get rigid and snappy whenever a co-worker makes a mistake because they aren’t living up to your high standards. Maybe you are known for “checking out” when your spouse expresses painful feelings because it disrupts your fun-loving ways. Or perhaps you mindlessly turn to sweets or alcohol when a friend cancels a plan because it makes you feel unloved or unwanted.
You might very well know about deeper spiritual truths, but when these very human patterns are triggered, you tend to forget the bigger picture of who you really are and the unique and beautiful gifts you have to share with the world.
So, how can you find clarity and free yourself from the ego-driven fears, desires and motivations that fuel your behavioral patterns – and that often trigger unconscious behaviors in others? Where can you turn for the insights and practices you need to foster healthy relationships, reconnect with your truest Self, and fulfill your highest potentials?
Should you look to spirituality?
A personality test?
During The Enneagram Global Summit, get ready to take your self-inquiry to the next level with a transformative system of spiritual psychology that can help make sense of the wondrous complexity of being YOU.

A New Way to Relate to Yourself,
Others and the World

A powerful tool for personal and collective transformation, the 9-pointed Enneagram symbol represents nine distinct strategies for relating to the self, others, and the world. Each of these Enneagram types has a different pattern of thinking, feeling and acting that arises from a deeper inner motivation or worldview.

While you may have heard something about the Enneagram, it is so much more than a simple personality test or system. Based in ancient wisdom traditions, the Enneagram is a map of nine personality types or styles. These types or styles are not who we are, but show us the patterns that tend to dominate our experience.
The Enneagram illuminates nine ways we leave presence, nine ways we forget who we really are, nine unconscious patterns that can lead us away from all we truly care about – and alsonine direct pathways to awakening back to our essential nature. When we understand it in depth, the Enneagram reveals the inherent strengths or gifts that each type wants to bring to the world.
Each of these nine gifts is truly needed for human beings to evolve, and to create a world in which we can all thrive and flower personally, relationally and collectively. The Enneagram helps us see new ways to combine our diverse talents and particular forms of genius, and to see a bigger unity. Thus, never has the wisdom of the Enneagram been so needed to promote personal well-being and to help build organizations, structures and institutions that we all relish and celebrate.
The Enneagram has not only stood the test of time; it is a field of innovation and creativity, constantly inspiring new processes and practices for consciousness in spirituality , business, education, health care, cultivating relationships, psychology, coaching, parenting, sexuality, healing our bodies and more. It is currently being taught in psychology classes in top universities.
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