Tuesday, 7 February 2012

A MEDIUM and do not work with spirits in anyway NOR DO SPELLS

I ask a couple of things of everybody. Patience and Respect. No Foul language towards or even about another person in the room is acceptable here. Anyone who breaks this rule will find themselves banned. Free Chat is for you to get to know the psychics to decide if you would like to work with that particular person. Please understand this is a PAYING website and Private Readings is Oranum's income. Free Chat does not mean Free Readings. Giving free reading outside a demo is against company policy. Oranum changes are not expensive when you compare them to phone readings plus they are just as personal. Every half an hour Admin selects a reader to do a demo. This is the only time I can answer any type of personal or relationship question here in free chat.. Please do not ask for personal demos that is equally against company rules. Admin decides who is giving not the readers themselves. Demo RULES: I decided who is getting the demo or going down a list of names. PLEASE!!! do not interrupt me with questions during the demo. I will ask if any question after the demo is completed. My astrology services are: Birth Charts; Compatibility; Future trends as when is it a good time to travel, start a new business, new romances coming etc. or even best not to proceed. I have been a astrologer for over 18 years. Gypsy and Playing Cards; Tarot Readings are: Career, Financial and Relationship readings. also do art using watercolours. You can see a sample of my work behind me on the wall as The Zodiac Spread. It is not an actual tarot reading, just there to add colour to my office area of my flat. I am a person who tends to be direct in my readings and have a dislike for the romantic novels that causes people to believe a person who is not good for them can become their model partner. I love the work on the line and look forward to assisting you find the answering with your problems. At all times the final decisions are yours to make and choose your own destiny. Looking forward to meeting you in the near future and all the best >>> http://ping.fm/N4UHF

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