Monday, 4 March 2013

Meditation for the Love of God

To love God above all else is the command of many religions from Far Eastern to Christianity to New Age.

What is God? What is love? Can love be commanded? Can you choose to love God above all if the people of the world and the earthly experience seem to be the reason you are living? No matter how you define God and no matter how you define love, you would have to admit that there is a difference between the experience of love and the practice of love. Even so I believe you will agree that to love is to experience both a knowing and a feeling about the beloved. And couldn’t we say that to love above all else is to place a higher value on that primary subject or object of love than on anything else that one loves?

If your concept of God gets in the way of your ability to have a feeling and the knowledge that you love God, you can set the concept aside and just go to meet God where God reaches you, in the upper room of your mind. As you sit mesmerized by the wavelike movement of God’s vibrant substance in the privacy of your upper room, your mind becomes mesmerized and falls in love with God. Then as you open yourself, unafraid, to absorb that substance throughout your entire being it is reflected in your mind and heart as a feeling and thought of absolute love for God.

With every sitting, alone in the upper room with God, your mind will become more and more clear from thoughts of anything or anyone else during this type of meditation. The sensation of knowing and feeling appreciation for that experience of loving God expands to result in an intimate relationship with God. Eventually your relationship with God becomes the most valuable thing in your life. That is how one learns to love God above all else and, as a result of that becomes filled with love, thus capable of loving yourself and everything else more fully than ever before. With that said, let’s prepare for your all-consuming experience of taking time out for the love of God. The first four steps will take about 2 minutes each. Step 5 will be the actual meditation experience and it will take as long as you choose to give it.

The Procedure

Relax your body with eyes closed, gentle breathing and straight spine.

Relax your mind by focusing on the breath moving in and out through your nostrils. Let your attention move in and out with your breath in a slow, easy rhythm.

Move your entire attention upward to the middle of your forehead or above and hold your focus there. This accumulates energy near the Pineal Gland and opens the door to the upper room of your mind. You might sense your attention drifting upward at this point and that is ideal.

Allow your full attention to be drawn into the “upper room” of your consciousness where you see nothing but Light and sense nothing but peace, safety and beauty. Inner peace enfolds your consciousness in this place, where the voices of your worldly concerns and relationships are silent for a time.

Hold your attention in the mid to upper area of your mind where your mind’s eye senses only Light. Let the wavelike movements of the Divine Essence (Divine Energy) there rock you gently in wavelike movements. This IS the place within you where your mind meets the mind of God. Surrender to enjoyment of the experience.

NOTE: If your attention should waver after you reach step 5, remember that you have the power to choose what draws your attention, and gently bring it back your upper room in the Light. With frequent practice this meditation will become a habit of mind for you and your subconscious will stop its action of trying to claim your attention during this meditation. This will leave you free to bask in the Divine Presence as fully as you wish.

Next week we will share more ideas with you about this type of meditation in order to help increase your understanding and enjoyment of it. Until then, do practice often if not daily and you will find yourself loving this experience of God right from the beginning.


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