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The Collapse of Religion & The Journey of Spirit

Many times I go into my therapy room and lie down on my healing couch to recharge my batteries and to receive healing from the gods and the Angels. Today I felt a need to light my oil burner and added the scent of rose essential oil while I lay on the bed. I closed my eyes and I instantly saw 3 humanoid beings in front of me. They were two men and a woman. “So much for my rest!” I said to myself, as they clearly wanted me to speak with them and of course, share what they had to tell me.
I said ‘Hello’ to the three beings and asked them where they were from. They told me they were from the constellation of ‘Cepheus’ and they asked me to channel this message for humanity.
Male Cepheun: “Hello, Nanaea. We are from Cepheus Alpha and it is time that we opened channels with you for we work with the gods of Earth and their allies. We would like to introduce ourselves to you as we are not a bad mannered race.
My name is Rarden and these are my friends, Seton and Dana. We have come to visit you today because we simply want to make your acquaintance and also discuss how you are coping with life on Earth in this life time. We also want to share some things with you regarding the changes and the current phases on Earth. Of course, we would enjoy it very much if you would publish this conversation so others may read it. So how are things for you on Earth?”
I feel like I am with a counsel worker and for some reason I want to laugh at the fact that I am speaking with a light being from another planet who is speaking to me in such a human way.
Helen: “Rarden, life on Earth is nice. I enjoy it. In fact, I love Earth very much and love humanity. I guess I am coping how most people do and trying to make my experience here better.”
Rarden: “We know that your Earth mother died very recently. Would you like to talk about this?”
Helen: “I see. Rarden, this is confusing me. You see, I didn’t think this visit would be about me and even though I am confident in my channeling, part of my ego is beginning to think my mind is creating all of this to give myself healing.”
Rarden: “No, Nanaea. You did not create this from your ego or your emotions. This is really happening and in Earth time. I should have been clearer before. We are known for being great healers for the mind and spirit and body. We were scheduled to meet with you at some point in the near future but considering what has happened in your life we felt you needed us sooner. So tell us how you feel.”
Helen: “I feel like I have lost my home and I was in a very bad place which I do not wish to return to as it makes me ill and then I cannot work.”
Dana: “Beloved, Nanaea, we want this chance to explain to you about death and this is something others will benefit from also, those who are reading this. We don’t need to tell you that death is not the end as you already know this. We do not need to tell you that the essence of those who die does not die too. You know all of this. But we want to bring you comfort and help you to understand the process of dying and that every soul in the universe has a mission that only ends when the soul chooses to rest.
Let me tell you that when the body of any being dies, their soul enters a portal which takes them to a place of healing. You could say that this place is what humans deem as paradise as it is a place of pure love and evolution. It is a place of profound learning where each conscious shares their experiences of their past life and this teaches other souls who are much younger or have not had as many experiences in their incarnations on any planet.
You remember that when your mother died you saw her in a beautiful garden that was full of flowers and she told you that you can visit her any time you wish. Well, this is true. You can visit this place and you can learn from those souls who have recently left their bodies and who are in transition. Do not forget that these souls have comes from all the different planets in the universe and you have been to this place many times, too, which is why you already know the way.
Helen: “Dana, does this place have a name?”
Dana: “No, Nanaea, it does not as it does not need a name, for it is a place that the heart knows and finds without any map or any direction.”
Helen: “Thank you Dana. Is there anything else you would like me to share with humanity that is not related to my personal trials?”
Dana looks at me with compassion but I do not want to go deeper into my personal situation at this time.
Dana: “Yes, Nanaea. We have lots to tell you. We want to tell all who are willing to know that all ages on Earth are important. We know that many say ‘right now is an important time on Earth’ but this is because ALL times are important on Earth and what is paramount is that humans understand the significance of enjoying their present and learning all that they can from all that is around them. You have already been told to not look only into the future for a better life experience but to enjoy your time during every moment of your present. Remember that the future is also created by what you understand and manifest in your present for you can manifest things in the present. How do you want your present to me? Would you like it to be how you dream your future to be? Then focus on the present and make that reality for yourself and your future will become what is already in existence today.
As my friend Rarden explained to you, we are well known healers but we are also great philosophers who teach others to love wisdom and to understand the wisdom in all situations. We have guided you for such a long time, even before you were born as Helen, and you have learned in our schools on Cepheus Alpha. In one life time you were a teacher there. Your mother was also one of our students.
Do you know that each soul has so many facets. A soul retains each identity of each life time and so when a loved one passes from mortal life and is called upon by their family, they can still connect with them as the essence that they were known as in that life, even if that soul has reincarnated. You have to remember that all souls are connected and all souls know each other before and after each life time.
Ok, I think I have spoken to you enough about this subject. Let us progress, dearest Nanaea. Seton would also like to speak to you.”
Seton: “Hello, Nanaea. What I have to say does not regard your situation right now, do not worry.
I want to talk about a new electrical charge that you have already begun to feel around you right now. Again, you will all, that is humanity, will feel the symptoms of this electrical charge which usually makes you feel nauseas and light headed and may also induce a few migraines.
As you know, with every new energy, or frequency, if you like, affects your whole equilibrium as these energies that you are not used to takes their toll on the physical body. It is only until you have got used to these new energies. You have to remember that your body is a vehicle and it took you some time as a baby ton learn how to drive this vehicle. I am not declaring that you have never known these energies before but your body has not known them before.
Now, what is this new electrical current that is and shall be charging through you all? Of course, it is to activate and will activate the delicate structures of each of your cells. This will help new cells to grow that are more resilient to disease and sickness for as you are already within the mouth of the Aquarian aeon, so your body must be strong enough to deal with the compression placed upon it from the new age and the consciousness of this new age is much higher and not as dense as the frequencies of the previous age.
Know that as you witness the changing of your world and the consciousness WITHIN your reality, that you must also be helped in your physical evolution as human beings. You know that the church structure is beginning to show huge cracks now and it is just as you have been told would happen and the beginning of the collapse of the church.
Something else will come as a result of this collapse. Many of the government structures within your world are dictated very much by the church. This is because they are one unit. So you have to expect that as the collapse of the church is becoming a reality, and this will take some time, so will the governments that lead many countries begin to collapse and it will be a hard time for all involved.
It is imperative that you know that the world does not only include the countries titled as ‘superpowers’. There are many countries, poorer countries, which are kept in poverty because of their governments. Can they even be called governments? More like dictatorships. These countries are a unit with not only the church but also with Islam. What I am trying to tell you, Nanaea, as that any structure that govern humanity based on their religious beliefs will know the sword of separation. These religious organizations shall be dissected from the people and their rule over the people for whether humanity agrees with this or not, this is the plans for Earth and the salvation of humanity and the salvation of the enlightenment process of humanity.
You already know that religion was created by a minority of male humans to oppress spiritual evolution on Earth. Should the people of planet Earth have been free to evolve as they should, they could no longer be deceived to follow pathways that led into a created labyrinth that they called ‘enlightenment’ which had no goal and no reward of spiritual adeptness. And once in this labyrinth, there were strategically placed illusionary nightmares that forced the human to make choices based on those illusions. In easier terms, dearest, by not adhering to religious laws, people were told they would face eternal damnation in hell or other physical abominations such as stoning, lashings, prison and hangings. They carefully created it so that humans, who were not part of the elite and were ignorant to this network of lies, would be the ones to carry out such savageness on each other. So you see, they were even able to override the knowingness inside of what is wrong or right of others and enforced them to murder and torture their own brothers and sisters in the name of religion. These things are still happening right now in your present time and if anyone still believes in the free will to choose to become part of any barbaric religion then they must know this: these religions will no longer be there as a choice as they shall be taken away. It is time to heal the Earth and Earth consciousness and so to do this the viruses and sicknesses of control must be cured and taken away and burned as waste. So I am telling you that any religion that oppresses and suppress the human spirit or hurts and harms any human mentally, emotionally and physically shall collapse under the pressure of freedom and human rights.
Just look at every major religion on Earth, Nanaea, and you will see that they ALL have rules that enforce the oppression of human spiritual evolution and put before each human false obstacle that they must overcome to reach enlightenment and approval of an image of a god they created. All of you are born on every planet with tools within you that create feats that you must overcome to ensure you reach your fullest spiritual potential. This is a natural process for any being yet what they have done is provide false processes which lead to nowhere.
Now, this whole network was not created only to control humanity. Many species were and are working against Earth joining the Universal Council of Light. These species made Earth their base for gaining power and they feed off human energy and emotion to gain strength throughout the universe. Just as religion uses humans to police other humans, so does this species use humans within the elite to do their work for them. These species are PARASITES, my dearest Nanaea.”
Helen: “Seton, how are the Anunnaki working towards clearing these parasites from our world? I have already been told the answer by the Anunnaki, but I would like your opinion on their work.”
Seton: “The Anunnaki are the leaders of this whole mission to free Earth of the parasites non human and human. The reason they are the leaders is because they are the guarantors of Earth and your ancestors and they are responsible for you. We, the allies, agreed to work alongside them because this is what we do; we help other tribes in their missions but also because many of us are incarnating on Earth and it is time that Earth evolved as she should to the level where she can become a member of the Universal Council of Light. To become a member, humanity needs to be at a certain level of enlightenment and as you all are now, this cannot happen.”
Helen: “Thank you, all of you, for this visit and for teaching me so much.”
I hug all three of the Cepheun’s and each kisses me on the forehead.
Rarden: “It was a pleasure, Nanaea. We will visit you again soon.”

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