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For as long as mankind has been upon the earth, man's relationship with the sacred has existed within the deepest place in his heart, waiting for the outer expression that would ultimately create a seamless life and join forever the physical and spiritual worlds.  The period of waiting for this to take place, however, was a necessary part of human evolution, for it fostered the receding into the background of the sense of the sacred, and the coming to the fore of man's own self-awareness and individualized needs and desires.  This shift was accompanied by an increasing priority of the self over others, and of the self over self-and-others. 
Such an orientation, largely generated by the protective mechanisms of the human ego, has been part of the spiritual evolution that brought mankind to the point of greater sensitivity to what each individual point of awareness could think and feel as distinct from every other. It also brought individualized consciousness to the point of strength and firmness in the capacity to remain faithful to deeply held inner convictions and beliefs. 
Without the development of the ego, including its protective mechanisms, the germination of the sense of individualized consciousness would have been much more restricted.  Thus, the course of spiritual evolution which sought to concentrate the sacred and holy cosmic light within each point of awareness would have been less complete.  It is for this reason that it is important to not judge the wanderings or meanderings of any soul along paths of separation, illusion, or darkness, for these wanderings, though individualized and unique to each specific soul, were nonetheless a part of the exploration of what it was to be a unique point of consciousness and light.

The fact that many lost their footing in the process and could no longer distinguish light from darkness, nor could they take the necessary steps back toward the light on their own or without great help, was also foreseen from the beginning.  For this reason, a plan was instituted at the beginning of time by virtue of which those who had greater light would increasingly concentrate that light upon the planet and within the collective whole, for the purpose of benefiting and healing those who had become entrapped within the vortex of the energies of darkness.
It is this plan that is reaching its culmination now, not its beginning, for it has been in operation for several centuries at this point, and the network of light that has been established around the earth in a conscious way is one of great strength and longevity.  It has taken into itself the energy of those souls who would have no other source of light-support were it not for this network as a source of supply. 
The culmination of the process of return for the souls who have wandered into illusion, separation and misguided thinking is taking place now due to the greater availability to each consciousness of a clarified awareness, and therefore of greater choice regarding which path to take with respect to any action.  This is to say that the choices that are being made today are being made with a more complete sense of their outcomes.  As a result, those who make them are more responsible for bearing the consequences of these actions because the consequences have become clearer.


Nevertheless, even as the light reclaims human consciousness for its own, the energies of darkness would seek to do the reverse by whatever means possible. One route is through the human intellect and its preoccupation with rational forms of thought to the exclusion of all else.  Another, is through the emphasis within certain spiritual currents of forms of thought that denigrate those paths that are devotional, and overemphasize the self-aggrandizement and self-control that is so prized today.  These paths also have the capacity to sway consciousness toward darkness and away from light by maintaining the sense of separation from God and from unity with others that has been the central feature of the collective phase now ending.
Though there are many paths to the One, those that emphasize a continuation of the priority of the individual over the priority of others, or over the priority of the Whole, are part of the vibration of the past and will ultimately need to be let go of in order to join the future.  Whereas those that emphasize uniting with others and the supremacy of love as the primary ingredient creating the universal body of wholeness, will be able to expand within the new vibration that accompanies the increased presence of spiritual light upon the earth.
As always in circumstances of division or disunity, it is important to not judge others for where they are in their own consciousness, but rather to maintain within oneself a strong commitment to the principles of light and love which, as a collective force, has the capacity to change consciousness from within, rather than trying to affect it from without.
The challenge of this time is one of letting go of the thought-patterns and ways of being that have been part of the old, and of accepting the bright new identity that is being offered to all souls, though not without the need to take a step forward into it with courage, humility, and innocence.  Those who choose not to move in this direction will also have a place within the further evolution of souls.  But the lack of compatibility of the vibration of separateness with the vibration of unity-within-wholeness will make it impossible for the two energies to mix in the world of the future, and so different evolutionary paths will be developed for different souls, depending upon their individual needs and orientations.
All souls within God's kingdom are, and will be, greatly blessed as the new light upon the earth takes hold in a fuller way, and those who have within themselves the capacity to receive the greater light, will experience the blessedness of a long awaited fulfillment that has been promised by Divine decree.  It is to this time that we are moving now. 
May all find within themselves the desire and ability to allow love to become the central priority that it will be as time and circumstance move things forward.

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