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“Do you need help to start your own business? Don´t worry, NEURS® come to rescue you. You are a coach, provider, investor or a success opportunity seeker?
Don’t waste your time. NEURS® can help you to find yours most compatible opportunity or business and give you all the tools and knowledge needed to have great success.”

Know us.

NEURS® LLC is a business start-up consulting firm that provides their members with advisory, educational, and financial tools and resources through an online network.
Their mission is to allow entrepreneurs worldwide by providing the concepts, connections and assets they need to locate, build and profit from their ideal business.
Thier goal is to turn into the premier online node for entrepreneurs, with the largest group of aspiring entrepreneurs and big business providers of any company; anywhere.
How to join
You can start NEURS® as an aspiring entrepreneur or a provider.
Aspiring Entrepreneurs complete an Entrepreneurial Profile survey and their patent pending business suggestion engine provides them with their most compatible business model, whether that’s a franchise, a business opportunity or general business idea.
Affiliates can also access their entrepreneurial e-learning platform and take profit of their great content from their community of providers as well as their own faculty through university high quality online classes.
In addition, all affiliates can post their requests to our community of providers and connect with the ones that can help them complete their goals; including finding the resources they need to start.
The entrepreneur also will have access to the educational platform, integrated by content developed by the community of providers, as well as by the faculty of NEURS® University, University academic level and with a clear approach for entrepreneurs and businessmen.


Providers complete a Provider Profile and get listed on their searchable directory. They can also post their precise offers and even look for the aspiring entrepreneurs they are targeting with their offer to connect with them in the platform.
They can also create and host online presentations offering their knowledge to the community of aspiring entrepreneurs in order to make even more connections with those they are seeking.
They also offer an account (Full-Access) that allows you to enter the site as both an entrepreneur and provider and benefit from all of the features of the platform.
The affiliates
The objectives of the platform are well represented in the figures of the entrepreneur and the supplier. But in NEURS there is a third figure the “Affiliate”. Anyone can be affiliated in NEURS.com is enough with register through another affiliate, this is essential to register for any profile on the platform.There are two types of affiliate the so called affiliate and the so called affiliate partner. It will suffice to be affiliated with registering and logging in the platform. Affiliate partner to be in addition to the time of registering affiliate you will have to choose to be an affiliate partner and benefit from multilevel marketing.
The system of marketing of Neurs.com is the affiliate marketing. It is worth mentioning that the model of affiliate marketing, like so many other things in this life, has its followers and its retractors. All we know that many affiliates are dedicated just to exploit their brands and commercial products without generating added value so that your prospects are converted into simple advertising goes even to be annoying when you receive through the mail in your Facebook account. Twitter… or in any forum.
But there is to recognize the great virtue of the affiliate marketing, generates income by objectives, so it is not incur expenses generated from advertisements on television, radio, newspapers, etc. , although sometimes to strengthen the level of marketing is to carry out any of these actions among others.
In neurs, affiliate marketing has reached a new level even better, because the figure of the affiliate is not subscribed to only specialists working in a professional manner on the internet, but that remains to the free disposal of all its users. In this way the users of the platform can generate income for them that their use may be free or even to generate great income and these income can grow along with the new network.
For this reason NEURS returns to highlight not only by the intention of not incurring unnecessary expense of advertising but imposes a model to continue to help all its users to earn money for your platform.
Wouldn’t it be great if that brands such as Nike, Adidas, Mercedes, IdeĆ¢ s, etc… give him money for recommending their products and get customers (even yourself) instead of paying ads that do not generate profits to their customers? Do you think will be more case to a notice published on television on a vehicle that the recommendation that you can make a friend of yours? Do you know how much it is worth posting an announcement on a national medium of communication or simply place an advertisement on a billboard in a soccer field or sponsor until a team of Formula 1?
The equation is obvious, the advertising the paying customers who buy the product. Are the customers who pay generating revenues to the company, which will continue to invest in advertising.
At this point suffice it to say…

What are you waiting for? DISCOVER NEURS. DO NOT lose anything. YOU CAN ONLY EARN.

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