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Living inside of this Holographic World can Be difficult, for Most and is set up with many (Test) and Programs. Some of these Programs our Apart of one Big System to Keep Humanity Asleep that we Call the Matrix. It is this Purpose of this System to Keep one Spiritually, Mentally and Physically asleep. All around you there are millions of Hidden Codes that our then Transferred to Programs all with a Different Purpose. Each Program Correlates with Many Main Sleeper Code Programs that Keeps a Human Being in what I Call the Dream State. This Dream State That has about 90 to 95% Of the Entire Human Population Asleep and Unaware Of their World and what is Truly Happening. This is because the Matrix keeps them asleep and We as NEO must Awaken them, for we Have taken the Red Pill and we have been shown the Truth. And It is this Fundamental Truth that will set Humanity Free. Now I no it is Difficult because once you become Awakened your entire Life is completely turned around. Because now your eyes our open and now you start to see The Matrix Codes that are the Programs that had Kept you asleep. And it is these Programs that we must Dismantle, for Humanity to awaken from this Dream. Now in each Main Program there are Subprograms and Subfactors that connect to the Source of the Program that all work together to keep one Asleep. I will Discuss 3 Main Programs that Help to Keep the Matrix Running.
The First is the Spiritual Program. 
This Program Is run By Religions and Fear. And it is these different Religions all around the World that have been created By Darkness to keep Humanity Separate from His or Her True Spiritual Being. As well as to Divide us from Each Other as One, and God. There were many Old teachings that were Passed Down From Ascended Masters, but were then later corrupted by The Dark Cabal. What most of Humanity is unaware is that the majority of the Gods that they worship and Believe to be The Source, Saviour or The True God are only Ascended Masters Or Ancient Aliens that came to Earth to pass Knowledge and to help Liberate Humanity. Some of them were just visiting our Planet and acenet civilizations misunderstood them as The GOD and started to worship them. This entire Spiritual Program is set up to Prevent Our Ascension and to keep Humanity Spiritual Asleep. It is this Program Objective to Keep you in a Limited Belief system and, for you not to question your Religion or GOD that is Only to keep you subjected in the Dream State and Unaware of who you Truly Are As God. This Is a fundamental aspect of who We Are and needs to be acknowledged, for Humanity to become one with His or Her God Being. And this Truth is what many of the Higher Ascended Masters were Trying to Teach like Buddha And Jesus and many more.

The Second is the Mental Program 
This Mental Program has many Subprograms and are controlled by many Subfactors. Each with its own Purpose to Confuse and Manipulate the Human Mind. I will not explain all the Programs for there are many, but some that cost the Major Problems in our Society. There are Many Dark Technologies that exist to Enslave and Control the Human Mind. One of the Most Popular Is known and Used everyday By a Huge majority of Humanity is Television. Television or TV Mind Programing is Used to Mind Control Humanity by using many Subprograms Like Music, Movies, Reality TV, Cartoons, Sports, Sex, News Media, and TV Ads. All these Subprograms are set up to make you think Like the Cabal wants you to think, so in turn we create the reality they want us to see. These Programs make us Do what they want us to Do, Buy what they want us to Buy, Be who they want us to Be and its all mind control. They also use subliminal messages to implant trigger actions into our subconscious minds that make us act, think and do things we would not normally do. There are other Technologies Like Scalar Wave and Mind Implants that affects our Minds. Other very Dangerous Programs that our apart of the Mental Program is Governments, Politics, Education and Money. Each Subprogram itself is set up to Manipulate and Control Humanity.

The Third is the Physical Program
This Program Has to do with Posing and Destroying the Human Body. And this can be Contributed to most of All Man Made Diseases that Exist Now. And many of them were created to create Pain, Fear and to Kill down the Population of Earth to Control Humanity more to the needs of the Illuminati New World Order Plan. Other Subprograms are Perceptions Pills and other Medical Treatments that claim to help you, but actuality create more Problems than they were supposed to fix and this is done purposely to make more money and to cost more pain to the Human Body. Even our Food Is injected with Poisons, Chemicals and Hormones. The majority of the food that is sold in stores is not suitable, for the Human body and some food is Genetically Modified. Other things that harm the Physical Body is Cosmetics and other Home products that all contain Chemicals that are dangerous for Us. Cigarettes, Drugs and Alcohol all poison and destroy the Human and Spiritual Body. Fast food should be another concern as well. Most of what is served in a fast food restaurant like example McDonald's is not even real food their meat is like 10% Meat, so what is the other 90% ?. Even down to the Water we Drink and The Air we Breath is being poisoned to Slowly and Silently Kill Us.

But no more can we Sit and Watch and do nothing. We must take Action Now to Dismantle the Matrix and its Programs. It is up to US Together to work as 1 to Awaken Humanity and to Free Them. We must not allow Ourselves to get sucked back into the Dream, but to Stay awake and to keep Fighting, for what we Believe in. It is this Belief and Will that will triumphant over Darkness and We will Create a Better World. A World where all is Free, Where all can be Happy and Where Anything is Possible.

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