Monday, 22 October 2012

Becoming an Agent of Conscious Evolution contributing to the Birth 2012 events and beyond

I know, deep in my heart, that we are all coming together for something truly unprecedented. If you are reading this letter, you know it.
We are here to participate in the Great Turning from one era into another. Our planetary crises AND our unbridled creativity are together pushing for this larger Shift, and it’s happening right now. It merely needs to be accelerated, activated and made visible to the whole of humanity, inviting their participation.
That’s why our intention is to build a year’s worth of transformative programs that help shift our culture and reaches a crescendo with a planetary Birth Day event on Dec. 22, 2012.
This day will involve a global broadcast, a State of the Planet address, a 100-year vision for humanity, synchronized meditation and sounds, and a global children’s choir. And it will lead into local synergy circles, activation of collaborations, and creative parties around the world.
Imagine what’s possible if tens of millions of us choose to unify for that day and express our highest consciousness and creativity. Imagine connecting what is innovative and creative at a planetary scale. Imagine what can be unleashed.
For the ACE Training, we will give you everything we can to prepare you to help catalyze this wave of planetary change. We want you to learn, transform and open to your highest gifts. And we want you to become part of our team to create something truly magnificent.
That is our invitation and if your soul rings with knowing when you hear this, please do join us. It’s show time!

With the threat of environmental and social collapse in many parts of the world, our culture has lost its compelling meta-narrative.
However, when you place yourself in the Universe Story – the 13.7 billion year sacred story of evolution through crisis and transformation leading to ever higher consciousness, freedom and more synergistic order – you can see that we are actually facing consciously what nature has learned to do for billions of years.

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