Monday, 1 October 2012

An Alchemical Activation of Your Next Stage of Evolution

I invite you to join me in the most radical evolutionary sharing I have undertaken, using my own as-yet-unshared experiences and secret journal writings as catalysts, encouraging you to express your own discoveries “at the edge of evolution.” It will be a heartfelt welcoming home for “our own kind,” communing and communicating within what de Chardin called “the noosphere” during this Course.

In this process of discovery, our goal is integral incarnation of all levels of our full self within a maturing noosphere and in a living universe that may well be filled with life comparable to our own.

To use the butterfly analogy: we are imaginal cells, crossing over from the disintegrating body of the societal caterpillar, entering the brief period of metamorphosis to become something never experienced before on this Earth. In this “chaos window,” we are recreating and reassembling ourselves, finding our new vocations, being intuitively guided as to our emerging functions and structures. One by one we are forming the still invisible new body, preparing for our sudden appearance as members of a societal butterfly...soon!

What actually is happening within and through us during this brief period of “metamorphosis,” of species evolution? That’s our core theme.

As Homo sapiens sapiens emerged within the early human world approximately 40,000 years ago, it seems to me that Homo universalis - one who incarnates the ever-unfolding Universe Story - is emerging now among us.

This emerging type of human is not a new religion, or a new ideology, but a new person called out precisely as the planet reaches its limits to growth and hovers between evolution or extinction while this older form of separated consciousness wrecks its final havoc upon the birth-torn Earth.

We need to be together in resonance, in the field of our own conscious evolution, nurturing this process of metamorphosis among ourselves, so that the deeper reality can express itself more fully through us, as us as a new norm.

This is Real Time Evolution. Not about it, but AS it. My goals are:

•to support you in becoming an evolutionary leader during this important time -suggesting how to develop understanding and skills to manifest your vocation of destiny.

•To further awaken the evolving human within yourself through contact with me and others triggered by evolutionary codes within a resonant field

•To share, verify, deepen and integrate your own higher vibrational signals, experiences, universal contacts and evolutionary revelation. To develop your own “inner scripture.”

•To be prepared to further serve your new functions and remember your expanding vocations in the Metamorphosis Process now occurring on planet Earth.

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Nancy Ashley

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