Saturday, 13 October 2012

Strategies for navigating conflict and building peace so you can heal yourself, your family and the world

As peacemakers we work at the inner core of our own being, engage in healing wounds in family, community and in the larger social body, learn new maps and models from theory and practice so that we can find our own unique contribution to global transformation.
The transformation that comes from peacemaking also liberates our hearts, minds and souls from negative patterns, resistance, and fear, allowing us to become more radiant lights in the world. Our journey into peacemaking is thus a journey into our deepest selves, helping us to heal old wounds, remove barriers to intimacy and trust, and make powerful friendships in the world.
This state-of-the-art virtual course features one of the world’s most respected peacebuilders and social healers - James O’Dea. James combines a career in which he was Director of the Washington Office of Amnesty International and President of The Institute of Noetic Sciences: frontline activism and deep knowledge of consciousness and conscious evolution. He has been engaged in groundbreaking international social healing dialogues for over a decade and is currently engaged with practitioners and projects in Rwanda, Israel/ Palestine and Northern Ireland.
In short, James is the perfect person to initiate you into the next level of your peacemaking, helping you ignite your deepest gifts.
Join us for a transformational personal journey in service to the most important shifts in our world!

  • You long to be a true peacemaker during this confusing time - but know you could be more effective if you had the right skills and practices to manifest your work.
  • You hunger for a map for peacemaking that draws upon the spiritual, scientific and socio-political knowledge - the best knowledge in the world.
  • You want to dissolve personal and collective wounds - and are open to learning exactly how to heal such wounds.
  • You strive to communicate in a healthy way that brings people, families and organizations together to work and collaborate more effectively.
  • You want to develop techniques for cultivating inner peace and spaciousness, lowering the walls in your own heart so you can come to forgiveness and healing around past wounds.
  • You know there is great good happening around the world - and you want to learn from the most hopeful programs and people.

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