Friday, 9 December 2011

Facebook-Bringing Families Together

Sometimes new things are hard to embrace especially when it involves technology, an element of fear of the unknown or significant understanding. That was me, three years ago, when I was introduced to Facebook. The only past event in my life I could compare it to was the private telephone line. As a young teen the family rotary dial phone that hung on the wall was a necessity not a basic communication tool. Often three or more neighbors shared a telephone line so it was not at all a place to discuss personal information. Calling someone out of state could easily cost an arm plus one or two legs. By the end of my teen years phone lines were no longer shared and talking to friends was almost iconic to the national teen pastime. It could have easily been said that the phone changed how we communicated which in turn made the world a tad smaller. Rotary dialing was soon replaced by a familiar pattern of numbered buttons called touch tone dialing. The telephone brought families closer together. Ever Changing Technology, the Snowball Effect Technology stops for no one and times change fast. The Milk man doesn’t deliver, the telegraph office doesn’t come to your door to give you an important message Most people own a cell phone that just two decades back was merely a phone to go, a luxury or business tool. Competition in the market place created a snowball effect of the latest greatest do everything mobile phone. Right now we’re at the 4G phone loaded with every imaginable app one could need but I’m sure before I finish making my point we’ll be at 5G. Facebook’s Technology Connects the Family Unit Facebook allows you to talk real time to family members across the street or around the world. Within minutes you have streaming videos of your newborn grandchild or a grandson’s graduation. You don’t have to wait for pictures by snail mail and you’re only a Facebook log in away from being the rock of wisdom your children depend on. Families are in closer contact more than ever before because of the social platform Facebook provides. Facebook has made deployment of a family soldier more bearable for both sides. Grandparents and Great Grandparents can share and be part of family events that in the past the distance of miles may have forbid. Facebook has brought families together and closer than ever before. Families who connect on Facebook stay closely bonded and in the know of family happenings. Facebook is maybe the number one reconnection tool for families and friends previously lost by years and miles. Technology has made the world smaller and Facebook keeps it real. For more information visit us at :

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