Tuesday, 27 December 2011

What is Hypnosis Audio?

This is a really quick introduction and aims to answer the question - what is hypnosis? Here is an official definition: Hypnosis is the induction of a state of consciousness in which a person loses the power of voluntary action and is highly conscious of suggestion or direction. To give an even more in depth answer you could say that hypnosis is often over complicated and even mysterious. Hypnosis is used to describe a trance like state. However, really we all go in and out of mild “trances” or hypnosis type states every day; such as in those moments when our minds wander and we fantasize, even when we just shut the planet out and deeply focus on a book we are reading. These trance like states, and they are all organic and natural. Hypnosis simply puts you into one of these mild “trance” states purposefully - with the aim of sending powerful hypnotic suggestions to help you change your life. Although you might not remember everything which is said to you once you enter a trance you are not actually asleep, hypnosis is a wakeful state in which you are both relaxed but your mind is focused. Because of this heightened frame of mind it is possible to use hypnosis to rewire your self beliefs and patterns of thinking. Hypnosis gains access the subconscious mind and reduces the unfavorable traits that prevent personal growth. What can be done? Well, it is almost a case of what can’t be done, or what can not hypnosis be used for... Hypnosis is now used for the reduction of almost any damaging belief, it is used to help a wide range of health problems, and has a massive place in helping people to achieve the "success mindset", to achieve their specific goals in life. Get started with hypnosis today - one of the simplest ways is to feel it for yourself . You can download 3 free hypnosis mp3s from Natural Hypnosis (yes, the web site which is changing the concept of modern hypnosis: Try hypnosis for yourself with 3 free hypnosis mp3s from Natural Hypnosis

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