Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Three Sacred Days to Powerfully Enter the New Year

The coming 12 months hold great significance, as 2012 has been a symbol of fear and chaos as well as love and possibility. Here at The Shift Network we are committed to helping catalyze a year of great healing, powerful awakening and the dawn of a new era for humanity. That’s why we are offering a powerful opportunity to release the stories and wounds of the past - including distortions around the Mayan prophecies of 2012 - and move forward into this New Year with openness, inspiration and hope. Join Grandmother Flordemayo on these three sacred days, bridging the close of 2011 to the start of 2012, and take part in prayer and ritual to heal our hearts, activate our deepest selves, link with others from around the world and help us navigate these prophetic times with grace and ease. In indigenous wisdom, these three days begin with “The Sacred Dawn” during which we can forgive and release the past. The second day we “Gather the Net” in which we further release our human entanglements and prepare to move into the New Year in the spirit of “The Celestial Serpent,” a day devoted to evolving into our highest selves and deepening our spirituality. Feed Your Soul, Clear Your Mind, Open Your Heart This is our time to CHOOSE awakening, healing and possibility as we prepare for the shifts ahead of us, and this series will powerfully support you in doing that. The Mayan Prayer Circle is like a miniature retreat with a planetary elder, offering ways to feed your soul, clear your mind, cleanse your body and open your heart as you step into the New Year, empowered in the shared work of our collective healing. This series also directly supports a spiritually-guided mission of Grandmother Flordemayo to create a Seed Temple that protects the seeds of food and medicinal plants that are at risk from GMO-crop contamination. >>>

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