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Our true nature IS Heart, is Love - The ONLY solution is true self-realization!

The pain and suffering and apparent "wounds" are a result of being in illusion, in one's egoic activity too much. Most of what is going on in our day to day world is just a bunch of egoic programming interfacing with other programming, more like the Matrix (film) than people think. I know it is possible for each individual to wake up out of the dream or illusion to realize one's true nature, one's true being. The requirement is putting that commitment above all else - making realizing one's true nature one's highest priority in life. And that commitment leads in some way to honest SELF-INQUIRY (specifically, SELF-INQUIRY into the truth of one's self, one's true nature, and what activities of MIND one habituates which keeps one from realizing what they already always are).

And when it comes to "beliefs" it is important not to simply take the words of another and recite them as one's own, or quote them from a scripture, but to listen to others and then always find out for oneself through personal experience. And to share from there (personal experience) what one has found freely, openly, and relaxedly with others - for them to accept or reject as they wish. The diversity of perspectives, when shared casually with others can be a wonderful thing, expanding life's possibilities. Wanting or forcing others to see things the way you do is counter productive and not fun. I think this is one of the downfalls of traditional religions - trying to force or persuade others to their way of seeing things. This behavior stems from an insecurity based on a shaky foundation of beliefs. from a sound and truly stable foundation of Being people do not need to persuade others or force anything onto others.

My devotion is to Truth. My highest priority and commitment in life is to abiding as and living life from my true, natural state. I regularly visit and listen to and speak with true teachers, who talk about this with other who are interested. I have found some great teachers who are quite good at pointing to the Truth. I gladly point to the pointers and you can connect with them here if you wish.

Therefore, to sum up my philosophy I would state simply:

1) We are all the same One "consciousness" that can take itself to be anything - and thus we seem to be what we take ourselves to be (including taking ourselves to be separate people). And we ARE unique, individual expressions of the ONE whole.

2) All that we experience in life is based on our interpretation. Our interpretation determines the nature of our existence. This goes deeper than just our surface thinking.

3) ALL suffering and unfulfillment is the result of faulty interpretation - of taking ourselves to be a somebody separate from others - separate from the One. Taking ourselves to be an identity different from our true nature. It is like believing you ARE the Halloween costume character you put on.

4) Therefore, having the broadest, truest angle of vision, the most accurate interpretation is wise. It is okay to be lost in the illusion, but our species is on a destructive path (ruining of our habitat, etc.) due to this getting out of hand. To continue Life as we know it on this planet we need to wake up and consciously create a better dream of life.

5) Truly realizing and abiding as one's true nature (consciousness), the natural state, is the only way to accomplish this. All solution to all problems come from this awareness place.

6) The requirement for enlightenment is to make #5 one's highest priority in life, above comfort, security, pleasure, etc. Then one will naturally attract the help and support one needs to wake up and stabilize in living that awakening. Stabilizing involves inquiring into and seeing all the ways in which one has avoided one's true nature, all the programming and habits and fixations, including one's very notion of being "separate".

7) The clincher is this - No one outside you needs to change - only you. It is up to YOU! This may not make sense, but that is only because of the illusion of separation. It also makes it a whole lot easier as that is all you can change anyway, and it is actually distraction and avoidance to be fixated on what seems to need to change in others.

Thus, I have found that the ONLY solution to the world's and an individual's struggle, suffering, or unfulfillment is true self-realization (enlightenment). All other approaches and "solutions" are pseudo and/or temporary and are of the realm of hidden programming, which goes deeper than people realize. All those beings throughout history who have truly self-realized have said the same things - among those things that we are in a state of illusion which is so profound that even our notion of separateness is illusion; that the answer to life's woes is through Truth - which inevitably leads to self-realization - the conscious awakeness. The conscious is always present behind the illusion. It is not "attained", it is what is always there and comes forth when the illusion is busted. All are now invited to wake up from the Dream. visionary art and inspiration

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