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A unified conscious change movement that amplifies what is working in the world

Imagine on December 22, 2012 – our Planetary Birth Day – you can watch a live celebration from a stadium, church, community center, park or your own living room via a singular webcast.

You’ll be joined by millions of others who can see and experience ourselves as a single human family.

And imagine that in addition to the main webcast, you can watch video feeds from hundreds of locations – from Peru to China – allowing you to deepen that sense of interconnection.

Some of these Birth Day "hubs" will be small and intimate, while others will feature renowned speakers, artists, musicians and cultural leaders.

Dozens of major cultural and music events are in various stages of production by partners and allies, including ones in Los Angeles, Chichen Itza (Mexico), Byron Bay (Australia), Teotihuacan (Mexico), Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, Tucson, Israel and Maui.

The Birth 2012 webcast will move from time zone to time zone, focusing at the apex of each around 12 noon local time, beginning in the south Pacific and ending in Hawaii. We’ll carry some of the most important offerings from each.

And then, for two minutes at 12 noon local time, we will join globally in a moment of connection through song, prayer, meditation, sounding, music or silence.

These moments will help punctuate and unify the 30-hour global Birth Day ritual – like the positive equivalent of contractions.

Imagine as tens of millions join together in this sacred way the sense of connection that will emerge, as well as a wave of love for the world.

The global events will be woven together not just with technology but through a Story of Our Birth, narrated by Barbara Marx Hubbard, speakers and artists who take us through our billions of years of history to the critical moment we find ourselves in as a human species and then point us forward into a brighter future.

We’ll culminate with a major international stage event in Los Angeles featuring leaders like Neale Donald Walsch, Jack Canfield and Michael Beckwith.

Here are some examples of the exciting initiatives we’re weaving together for our global broadcast. You’ll hear about these initiatives during the Activation Series:

•The Good Earth Singers are launching a 99-day tour on Sept. 13th to rally choirs worldwide to sing an African song at the same time on Dec. 21st, which will help to kick off the 24-hour cycle. Their goal is 15 million participating in the simultaneous song.

•One Billion Oms is aiming to have the largest number of simultaneous Oms ever when it is 12 noon in India – a wave of blessing to pass around the world.

•Chris Deckker, the founder of EarthDance, which has 350 locations worldwide that celebrate a global dance at the same time, will be activating their networks for a global dance celebration at the end of the 24-hour cycle.

•Ministers from dozens of Unity churches are planning their own Unity Birth 2012 activities, with congregants celebrating worldwide.

•YOUR EVENT! While the major events will be exciting and essential to the feeling of global unity, having a living room “hub” gathering for your most intimate allies is JUST as important for the success of this global gathering.

When you register for the Birth 2012 Activation Series, you’ll learn more about how this historic day can be an opportunity for you to build conscious community that supports you in giving your greatest gifts as well.

We don’t see the Birth Day as the end, but rather the beginning of something long-term – a unified conscious change movement that amplifies what is working in the world.

Unlike past global events, we will focus on getting the grassroots tools and support in place for the connections, friendships and alliances forged from this major planetary event to turn into long-term collaborations.

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