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How To Get More Deeply Connected to Your Intuition & Innate Psychic Abilities

"Who Else Wants To Know Exactly How To Get More Deeply Connected to Your Intuition & Innate Psychic Abilities So You Can Have a More Exciting Life & Make a Great Living Helping Other People With Your Amazing Talents?”

Are you ready to turn your dreams of becoming a professional intuitive coach into reality?

Isn’t it about time you turned your genuine desire to help people into a living that leaves you feeling fulfilled and complete?

Imagine – a concrete plan in which you find your TRUE spirituality and combine it with your passion to create a business that transforms you and your clients and pays the bills!

Imagine – a set of powerful spiritual principles based on science that you can apply in your everyday life to create the relationships, health, financial security that you crave! It’s possible, and you CAN have it!

You need to know exactly how to tie together your

own true spiritual well-being with business savvy

As you know from your own experiences, finding true spiritual contentment is tricky. It’s tough to find that place inside yourself where you go to change things that are bothering you. It’s tougher still to help clients (or even friends) find their own contentment if you’re not completely healed first.

The most difficult thing about establishing a spiritual healing business? It has two distinct sections: the business side and the spiritual side. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can easily waste months’ worth of time and thousands of dollars establishing a business that doesn’t cut it. Not only won’t it attract clients, but it won’t make the money to pay your bills, either.

Knowing the Science and Business Principles behind being a Spiritual Practitioner is absolutely critical to your success. But it’s just the beginning. You also need to:

1.Get to the core of your own spirituality, and discover EXACTLY how to apply this for real world results.

2.Design a business that fits your own needs and puts you where you want to be in this universe.

You may think you’ve tried this before

You may think you HAVE found your true spirituality, and it just doesn’t jive with business or with healing other people. Maybe because your previous attempts at helping clients or running a business didn’t go as you’d have liked them to, you think you’re just not cut out for the coaching business. Maybe because you just can’t seem to reach a place of true contentment, you think you’re destined for unhappiness and totally incapable of helping others.

Well, maybe this is partly true. Maybe you have tried running a coaching business before – but have you tried doing it MY way?

It’s a balancing act! Have you found the balance?

You’ve probably heard that a happy life is all about balance. And here’s where the problem lies for many spiritual people. They haven’t found the balance between the material and the spiritual.

Years ago spirituality was rejected as fluffy, not scientific or just too plain woo-woo. Now we’ve learnt the importance of a spiritual connection, but sadly many of these so – called spiritual gurus have preached the complete rejection of the physical world. And then they and their disciples wonder why they are broke, sick, and struggling.

TRUE spirituality is all about grounding your spiritual vision

INTO the physical reality

Let me explain. You have a dream or a vision right? That thing you envision that lights a fire in your belly. Maybe it’s a retreat, a healing centre, a successful coaching business or it might just be a happy healthy family and home life. Well that fire is spirit working through you.

That fire comes straight from spirit – your spiritual essence – and it’s telling you to get moving. It’s showing you what your deepest desires are, what your purpose is. It’s for you to create planetary change.

So you owe it to yourself, and your spirit to bring it into physical existence. You can’t change the planet with a dream. But you can change it when you bring your dream into reality.

And what the gurus don't teach is HOW to do this. And it’s not more meditating!

Some very specific, very crucial steps exist in establishing and running a successful coaching business and to make your spiritual vision a reality. You might be overlooking them because you don’t know about them, don’t realize their importance, or never thought you needed to take them.

It’s not your fault you haven’t succeeded at this in the past, or that you didn’t know exactly what to do

Very few people have the experience to teach what I teach, which is EVERY aspect of becoming whole, centered, and educated enough to start and successfully run your own healing business. Since I’ve been there – I’ve discovered my own true spirituality and am now running a successful personal and spiritual development business – I know ALL the ins and outs from start to finish, including:

Setting your business up for success, from what to charge, how to market, and what to do about insurance, to building real success for your clients so that even as they heal, more clients are walking through the door.

How to communicate with clients so you know what they really want and need from you, and so you provide them with your wisdom in a way that empowers them to act to improve their lives.

How to set boundaries – during and between sessions – so you have your privacy when you need it.

How to think like a businessperson when you need to, even though your business is based on spirituality.

How to use your spiritual gifts to magnetise the right clients, repel the wrong ones, all with ethics and integrity.

It is absolutely essential that you learn every aspect of creating a strong coaching business

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