Friday, 9 November 2012

Discover the Keys to Consistently Come Back to Your Center – Even in the Midst of Stress or Chaos – and Be a Loving, Radiant Force for Healing in Our World

The Shift from Ego to Essence offers you the keys to shifting from your egoic “local self” to your Essential Self – giving you lasting access to divine guidance and the ability to live with wisdom, confidence, creativity, purpose and joy.

If you’re like most people, you intend to always respond to the people, events and situations in your life with ease, grace and compassion.

But sometimes you get triggered. Someone really ticks you off or cuts you off in traffic. Your “to-do” list is beyond overwhelming. Or something unexpected happens in your life that sends you reeling.

So how do you consistently bring yourself back to center and live from what Barbara Marx Hubbard calls your Essential Self – that wise, loving, powerful and radiant part of you?

How can you live as your best, most highest self – even in the midst of stress or chaos – and make your greatest contribution toward positively shaping our future?

It starts with an Inner Shift.

And on this free 1-hour call with top evolutionary leader Barbara Marx Hubbard, and transformational meditation teacher Patricia Ellsberg, you’ll learn the keys to aligning your life with your True Essence, which when fully liberated becomes a powerful force for healing and transformation in our world.

Join Barbara and Patricia for this experiential hour where you can learn to:

•Heal and lift up your egoic self to a higher octave – so you are free to fully give your gifts to the Shift

•Replace overwhelm with ease and live in the flow of your life with greater confidence, creativity and purpose

•Release yourself from the pressures of everyday life and, instead, flood it with joy and peace

Don’t miss this opportunity to join these celebrated transformational teachers and pioneers, connect with your True Essence, your joy and creativity, and become a catalyst in transforming our world!

“When the pull of anxiety comes, let it be. Be still. Put this purpose first. Do not act upon the temptation to ’get things done’ at the expense of nourishing, flourishing, nurturing the Presence that I AM...”

–Barbara Marx Hubbard

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