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Harness the Energy of the 2012 Shift

Attention Spiritual Entrepreneurs who want to know what to do get ready for the fast approaching changes...

"Harness the Energy of the 2012 Shift"

Discover how you can release your Karma, open your Chakras,

activate your Kundalini and open your Third Eye in preparation

for the 2012 Shift Psychic and Social Revolution

Dear Spiritual Friend,

For the last 90 years the chakras of society have been opening one by one. The throat chakra is now open, and as more and more information is pouring into people’s minds eventually something will POP.

The next chakra to open will be the 3rd eye. When this happens there will be a divide between those who can see through the veil of illusion and those who get caught up in the delusion.

You would have to have been living in a cupboard not to notice the changes in the world. Whether or not they are due to inside or outside circumstances, learning how to ride the waves of change has never been more important than right now.

Those who are ready will find it easy and those who are not will be left behind and struggle. The energy shifts will raise challenges for everyone and the only way to ride out the storm is to learn what these energy waves mean for you and how to harness them.

A lot of people are finding things difficult right now. But some are doing really well and are riding out the storm, staying optimistic and calm. Whereas some find their ships battered by this stormy new energy, others find those energy winds filling their sails so they are racing to their goals and dreams.

What is the difference and how can you make sure your ship comes safe home to port?

Find out how YOU can harness the energy waves of 2012

In my recent popular free videos and teleclasses, I shared with you how the chakras of society are opening and activating. You now know that the 3rd eye is the next to open. When this does, the veil of illusion will fall. But not everyone will be ready to handle this. Seeing the world as it truly is requires you to have an invincible inner strength and knowing, being fully grounded and able to master the material world and physical reality has never been more important.

Those who are not grounded fully in the physical will get caught up in the illusion.

Signs you are not ready for the 2012 shift

You have problems with money, relationships and health

You experience chaos in one or more area of your life and are powerless to do anything about it (this is a sign you have too much feminine energy)

You find yourself being controlled by others (boss, partner, parents or peers)

You experience self sabotage. You set your intent to achieve something but somehow something always stops you, and it doesn’t always feel like it’s you

You are surrounded by negative people who bring you down

You feel a strong urge to make changes in the world but somehow don’t seem able to make that happen

With so many of you telling me that you are being faced with problems like those above right now, it's quite clear that you want MORE information on the 2012 energy shift, MORE support to engage with it, MORE opportunity to work out exactly what it means for you, and you want it NOW!

You're quite right, of course. Now IS the perfect time to be working with these concepts and this energy. Now is the time to be making decisions and choosing how you want to prepare yourself for the shift that's coming. If you don't do this now, you run the risk of it being too late to think everything through, to make your optimal plans and to start putting them into action.

The reality is, though, that it’s not simple. People are concerned about the 2012 shift, and how it’s going to affect them personally, their families, the people in their country, and people all over the world.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. I’ve studied and know the laws of the universe. I understand how individuals are evolving and how and why society is changing. I know what the 2012 shift is going to bring (and when) – and I know how you can prepare yourself to harness the shift’s energy and find your true and unique fulfilment, from personal relationships to wealth and abundance.

I want to share with you the knowledge I’ve developed throughout the years – not only from my own experience, but from helping others as well.

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