Thursday, 27 December 2012


My Beloved Friends,

while dreaming in the heart, I fell asleep under the sky. Beautiful luminous landscapes were rising there, radiating from inside. The Source of Light not contained in them but radiating from an Infinite Source-Light through them.

A world upside down, from the point of view of our, from truth alienated, artificial world. But in fact this is the Original Upright World, while the artificial worlds could only be kept going by holding them secretly, and without our knowing, upside down.

In the artificial world, light from outside shines upon things, which appear dull and dense, sometimes though with the shine of a reflective surface.

But in the Real World “surface” is not a question, all is Essence, considered to be emanation and expression of One, Radiant Source, and Consciousness.

It Is Love That Shines through everything, indeed nothing else exists and what seems to exist is transparent to that Truth Which is the natural Carrier of all things and beings that float in It. Such is our New World.

I ask for signs, but it seems I cannot do anything but deliver Her joyful and lovingly given sneak peek to you.

Because I have been awakened from a bird’s sharp cry, flying closely over my head, splaying for me extra wide its wings, so I could see all his single beautiful feathers,

to pretend to be a condor. As we have here only the small sorts of birds, Earth Mother sent me what She had, with loving Smile.

It seems right now I must live again my Shaman past, She often loves reminding me. And the more, the closer She approaches Her Great Shift. But it is so beautiful because this is the life inside the womb of creation. It is the feeling-vibration from inside the Living Unity of all things, directly at the breathing and beating Heart of Life.

Inside there is only Unity, but not as we understand it in our crazy world as opposite of separateness. Inside here there are no opposites and not even the idea of separation exists! Separation is an artificial addition, created by an insane mind that measures from outside.

In what strange adventure humanity has been lead astray – fully convinced about its undeniable reality! Yes, it has been madness since millenniums! Time to retire back to Truth.

We all live in this Truth but do not know. It is only that a certain switch must be turned around. Only a switch, so that we suddenly can see what is Real and Truly Beautiful, just IS.

With much love my sisters and brothers, this is the female world, even lived as such by souls with male appearance. (By the way: before Spirit all souls are female, the Ancient know.)

Be happy!


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