Friday, 14 December 2012

Toward accelerating this Great Shift, what are you birthing?

What are you giving birth to?
What is your “gift to the Shift”?
Please share the news of your unique contribution in one of the three options provided in the blue box below.
For, when you do so, you let the world know that the Birth event on December 22 represents an unstoppable global transformation. Remember that when you declare what you are birthing and then carry it out, we all move another step toward a peaceful and sustainable world.
New to Birth 2012? Learn more about it here and get the acclaimed book about it here. The back issues of our e-zine, the Catalyst, are archived here.
The symbolic planetary Birth Day set for December 22 celebrates what’s working and what is true, good, and beautiful in the world already. But more important is this: The ongoing Birth 2012 campaign that culminates on December 20-22 will highlight those systemic changes in all sectors of society that are urgently needed now to create “a whole-system shift.”
Toward accelerating this Great Shift, what are you birthing?

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