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The Anunnaki Have Landed & Lemurian Activation

The 1st of December was a very important start date for all of humanity, as is every day in December 2012. A lot was revealed to us that day and as always we were asked to publish this to the world. It is very important to remember that all of our channelings are activations in themselves as each word is encoded with healing and ascension frequencies.

What we are about to share was something very painful for us to see but even so, there is great hope and relief attached to it.

After performing our ritual I began went into meditation and began to receive visions. I was standing in a very cold place and I saw that all around me was snow. I was standing on ice, above the ocean and though I cannot disclose where I was specifically, it is a place on Earth.

I began to hear a very gentle humming sound coming from above and when I looked up I saw twelve aircrafts hovering overhead. They were descending and landing around me on the ice. These aircrafts were gray and on the bottom of them was a dark grey circle with four arms, so a cross with a circle in the middle.

The symbol on the bottom of the aircrafts.

I waited patiently to see who would emerge from these aircrafts and the door or one of the aircrafts began to open and out stepped two men who looked to be like guards of some kind. They wore dark blue uniforms and tall helmets with plumes attached to the front. They held in their hands a kind of weapon which I assumed to be like a gun.

They stepped out of the craft and stood at either side of the door and I saw another male figure stepping out onto the ice and realized at once that it was Enki. Joy filled my heart and I moved forward to greet and hug him.

Helen: “Father, what is happening? What are all of these aircrafts? Where are we?”

Enki: “Nanaea my love, we are in (I cannot reveal this) and we have landed here purposefully because no radar can detect us here in this part of Earth. We also have our shields activated just for good measure.

Now. You asked what all these aircrafts are. I will come straight to the point. The dark brotherhood has been planning to create mass destruction on the 21st December and take many lives. They began the ‘end of the world’ propaganda scenario so that they could use it as a means to have the blame of their actions directed towards the so called ‘end of days’ lie and not on themselves. They have done this many times with other doomsday stories.

My dear Nanaea, we have come here to protect humanity. We are far away from any being as our vibrations next to the human physical body would be catastrophic. As you have been told before, humanity is not at the right frequency yet so that we may be near you. At one time you vibrated very much like us but through time with ascension traps such as religion, you began to de-evolve and your frequencies slowed considerably.

A little lesson for you. Have you noticed how each generation is becoming taller than the last? This is because the human species are still evolving and we are your future selves and how in time you shall become.

For now, let me move back to why we are here and what we will do. We will send our frequencies that will destroy the guides on missiles and warheads. We will send out frequencies to block the harmful frequencies of the machines that they use to create Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, for this is what they plan to do. Right now they have many of these technologies at the bottom of many oceans and seas in preparation. The first one they will activate is near Japan.

They also plan to harm America but this is NOT permitted in any circumstance! America is the place where the divine child will eventually journey to and we know that these people DO believe in liberty and justice. A long time ago, this was a true belief and the people of America still stand by this but sadly, their government do not and so America is of particular interest to us and to ensure its safety.”

I begin to see a huge tidal wave hit New York. I see the Statue of Liberty collapse. I see Washington D.C. on fire and I begin to cry at the devastation. All I can think is, “Haven’t these people suffered enough???”

Enki: “Nanaea, what you just saw is what they plan to do but we will NOT allow this to happen! It shall NOT happen! We will NOT allow any country on Earth be harmed.

To the people of America we want to tell them that we stand beside them and we admire their passion for freedom but so many are still so very asleep and trapped within the matrix or idolizing celebrities and famous people who are puppets of the dark brotherhood. It seems they would defend them to the death but we want to ask, would you defend each other the same way? Because this is what they need to do; they need to defend their fellow brothers and sisters and remember that by idolizing and worshiping the created, they are blocking all communication channels with the divine and each other.

We also want to tell them that they are part of all the world and it is important that they realize they are not isolated to one country, that they are connected with all of humanity. The dark brotherhood will try to target you for many things including your technology. They will use America to create their smokescreens to cover the other things they are doing in the world.

To our children in Europe, we tell you that you must join together in another kind of union and remember your family in America, Canada and Australia.

Our aim is to stop the dark brotherhood from activating these technologies by de-activating and destroying them. Should our frequencies be blocked in some way, then we will go physically to destroy them.

The dark brotherhood was made aware that we were to come yet they know not where we will land and where we will work from. We have sent them our warnings. We will not allow them to do this to humanity.”

The doors of the other aircrafts begin to open and guards step out and stand either side of the door. The first one I noticed I saw Anu step out. He is taller than Enki and in fact, taller than any of the other Anunnaki gods. Anu has light brown, graying, wavy hair and blue eyes. Like all of the Anunnaki, he has a muscular body. I walk up to him and greet and hug him and he puts his finger under my chin and lifts my face and looks into my eyes. He telepathically tells me:

“Nanaea, my love. It is ok. Trust in us. We love you all.”

And I begin to cry. I cry because we have de-evolved so much that we cannot be physically near our beloved ancestors who love us so much. I weep for the fact that they are here on Earth but I can only meet them in the astral and not in the physical. I cry for all the lies told about our beloved creators and feel so sad at how many are so fearful of them because of all the lies told about them. I wished to be the eyes of the world and to project what I see to them but all I can do is write what I see and hope that my sight is mirrored through my words and theirs.

I hug Anu so tightly and feel his heart vibrating through his body. I sigh with relief. I feel so safe. Many times they have told me that they are not above us; just spiritually and technologically more advanced.

As I lift my head from Anu’s stomach (for this is where I reach to next to him, even though I am 5 foot 8 inches tall) I see another door open and more guards step out and then a pair of twins with blonde hair and blue eyes. I know who they are! They are the sons of Inanna! They are Shara and Lulal! I rush to meet them and they both hug me and kiss my cheeks. The tears continue to run down my face and I feel a mixture of bittersweet emotions. Just then, Marduk exists from the same craft. Marduk has long, black wavy hair and he is dressed in gold armour. He looks at me and smiles broadly and I do the same. He walks towards me and hugs me very tightly and kisses me.

At this time, all of the other aircraft doors begin to open and I see many Anunnaki I have never met before exit. All of them are in armour and they begin to gather together to discuss what they will do on Earth during the coming days.

I begin to see other aircrafts of different kinds landing behind the Anunnaki aircrafts. Enki comes to me and tells me that they are the allies of Earth and the Anunnaki.

Helen: “Which planets are they from, Father?”

Enki: “They are the Pleiadians, Siriuns, Andromedans, Arcturians and the Lyrans, Nanaea. They are the ones who chose to come with us this time. The Universal Council of Light gave us their vote to come here and do this. They understand the urgency. Now. Do you want to see which stargate you just opened?”

Helen: (I smile) “Yes please!”

Enki: “Nanaea, before I show you, let me tell you. You have opened the gateway between Earth and Lemuria and Atlantis which had been closed for so, so long. Now, these energies are seeping into Earth consciousness and this will be SO beneficial to human consciousness and ascension! Now I can show you.”

I hear a very loud sound. The sound hurts my ears a little. I see a light; a blue spiraling light and I see five humanoid beings walk through; they are 3 males and 2 females. All of the Anunnaki and all of the other beings from the other planets kneel down in front of these beings. I must explain what these beings looks like.

They are VERY tall. They are holographic. They have long, blond/white hair and they have sapphire like eyes. They are each holding a staff with a large crystal at the top. I begin to feel strange. I feel like my whole being is vibrating and I feel the hum of these vibrations pulsate through my body, making my skin tingle. This is so powerful. Enki tells me to kneel and I do so.

Enki: “Nanaea. They are Lemurian’s. The ones you see now are the leaders. Lemuria exists but in a different dimension. Just the same as Atlantis. The Lemurian’s come from a different universe to ours; a much more ancient universe. They are so evolved spiritually that you see them as holograms. They are nearly spirit only though they do have bodies. They are here to send their frequencies along with ours. They are working with us to help Earth and humanity. They are the elders and you must respect them, Nanaea.”

Enki walks up to the Lemurian elders and kneels before them. He takes the leaders hand and kisses it. The leader touches the top of Enki’s head and Enki rises. I am so moved by this scene. I am seeing the creator of humanity kneeling before other beings and I see such humility in this act. I know that I am so lucky to see these beings.

Enki looks at me and motions for me to go to him. I feel inadequate and not good enough to go close to them. He continues to motion to me and I reluctantly relent and move towards them. I don’t know what to do at first and then I decide to kneel before them as Enki did. I kiss the leaders hand. He does not touch my head like I thought he would. Instead he places the top of his staff on my crown Chakra and then my third eye Chakra and then my heart.

Lemurian Leader: “Rise, Nanaea and look at me.”

I stand up and look at him and he smiles at me. His eyes fascinate me. They seem to spin gently like swirls of sapphire blue energy. Suddenly, I seem to be sucked into his eyes and I begin to see another world with beautiful trees and plants and flowers. I see temples made of crystal and all around me are people who are holographic. I feel so much peace and happiness. All the stress and inadequacy I felt before leaves my mind, body and soul.

I begin walking through a field and I can feel the warm breeze on my face and in my hair and I feel that I am home. I recognize this place. I know this place well.

I heard the Lemurian leaders voice in my head telling me to lie down on the ground as beneath me are huge crystal caverns and I do as he says. Again my body begins to vibrate and I hear the sound of the sea. I hear the call of dolphins and whales and such emotion takes control of me that I cannot even cry to release it.

Lemurian Leader: “Nanaea. There are very trying times coming to humanity and your Earth. In fact, they have been happening for thousands of years but now they are being revealed to you all it seems as though it is only now times are getting hard. Each and every one of you must continue your paths and focus on your missions because you are needed so much. We don’t expect perfection but we do want you to try your best. We only ask for this. For you all to try your best.

Now we, the Lemurian’s, want you to share with humanity an activation that will align them with the crystal energies of the Earth which will help them to harmonize with the frequencies of their inner crystal structures. This will also activate the crystalline structures which are present in the human body but have for thousands of years lay dormant and unused. Humanity is part of the Earth and the Earth and all of her elements and minerals is all of you so naturally you also contain within you crystal structures. No one can give you what is already you but what they can do is to activate those channels and re-waken the crystal energies of your body. This mantra I will give you to transmit to humanity will first re-awaken the crystalline structure that surrounds the heart and this will in turn activate the whole crystalline structure of the body.

Many humans are so eager to look to the other planets to find comfort but all of you are from the Earth now and you are made up of the Earth and it is to the Earth you should look in order to help humanity to evolve and ascend. Do you all forget that Earth is ALSO a planet? Do you all forget that Earth is just as important as Jupiter or Mars or Venus? Do you know how many beings on other planets dream of Earth and remember their lives on Earth?

You are all from the Earth and it is there that you should be focusing your energies. This activation I will give you will enable all who hear it to vibrate at the frequency of the next dimension and make you more resilient to disease, sadness and sickness.

Within your voice will be the frequencies. The words that you must say are:


This will activate the crystalline properties within all who hear.”

Helen: “What is your name?”

The Lemurian leader tells me his name but what I heard is not anything I can put into words; they are sounds and remind me very much of Angel Speak which are also a combination of sounds and frequencies.

Lemurian Leader: “It is time to return now, Nanaea, and be with your ancestors.”

I am now standing in front of him once again, in the place of snow and ice. I am looking at him and he is looking at me. He closes his eyes and I move away. I feel that the time of our meeting has ended. I thank him and look to find Enki.

I have something very important that I want to ask Enki and it is about alien abductions and stories others have told about being close to the Anunnaki.

Helen: “Father, can you tell me about alien abductions and how others have been able to be physically close to you when you have told me that the human body cannot be close to an Anunnaki because it would destroy them completely?”

Enki: “Nanaea my love; we have never abducted anyone. Any human that has come with us has first been asked if they wish to learn and they have always had the right to choose and they have always been humans that are closely connected with the Anunnaki. You are one of those, of course, which you know. Do you remember the many times you have flown with us? It is the same thing. But they have never come with us with their physical body, only their consciousness.

As for those who claim that we have stood beside other human beings, this is not true. We sent our representatives who were not human avatars but representatives that work with us. They are Anunnaki hybrids but not human Anunnaki hybrids. They can be near us and humans and not harm the human body in any way.”

Helen: “Thank you Father. This has cleared so much up for me. So now what, Father? What should we do during these times?”

Enki: “My beloved, as I said, we are going to take care of this situation. We will dismantle, disengage, and destroy anything that is going to cause humanity and the Earth harm. With our galactic brothers and sisters we will engage in combat if needed, for the Draconians are waiting for this to happen to move in to combat with us. As you know, the Draconians are working with the dark brotherhood.

We cannot guarantee that NOTHING will happen. They may have a few tricks up their sleeves that we do not know about but there will not be the mass destruction they are counting on.

It is important for you all of you to know that you will be safe. And as for what you can all do? Just continue your missions on Earth. All we ask is that humanity continues to walk their path and do what they were born on Earth to do.”

Helen: “Thank you, Father.”

I hug Enki and I begin to come out of the meditation. The channeling and visions have ended.


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