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Angelic Greeting in Order to Protect You – Archangel Michael through Marc Gamma ~


Archangel Michael[Original language German, translated by (Contra)Mary]


My beloved humans here on earth. I am delighted so much to speak to you through this channel. And very soon we shall come to you again with further messages of light through this very channel.

Now he has proceeded so far that now he is prepared to go onward again with another step for you. This has been considered necessary for him so that he may go on dealing with new issues and targets.

Today we should like to submit to you a very powerful Tool. This has been known already for quite a while and has been used too by many humans.

Today is the day when we should like to recall this particular tool again in to your minds and souls.

This tool has been submitted to our channel enabling him to deal with his particular issues. However, this tool should be made accessible for all of you since it belongs to you all.

It makes me very glad to know that such a powerful tool has been laid into your hands in order to safeguard you being always protected when contacting the realms of light.

Never – ever may this protection shield be broken by any power of all the entire universe. It is the most powerful kind of protection in any case since it will connect you to the Throne of God.

The latter is empowered with the highest frequency of vibration and actually enables you to protect yourselves with part of its divine energy.

It is being advised that whenever you wish to contact beings of light you may apply this sort of high protection.

It will also enable you to increase the frequency of your vibration so much that even your bodies will feel all the way better too.

All negative energies will be dissolved by this one and have to leave your bodies altogether.

Left solely will be those energies which – due to their karmic character or related to coping with special tasks – must stay on with you.

We now arrive at how the application is being done, my beloved humans. Before starting altogether – be aware that this is really a huge gift from us to you !

Be conscious too of this great and most powerful angelic present and you have to adjust your inner attitude towards it in order that this special gift may be manifested with you.

Without such adequate inner attitude this our Angelic present will be of no effect with you, whatsoever.

I shall now describe the course of action needed so that you may acknowledge everything necessary in order to apply this Angelic Greeting in a correct way and form.

Submission of this Angelic Greeting will be done in a very special way and also being confirmed in some particular sequence of order.

This Angelic Greetings will be manifested with you – meaning – that you will receive the appropriate confirmation that in subsequent order it had been turned over to you.

And here is the exact course of actions thereto:

Explicit Procedure

First we are to prepare the pendulum needed for this specific Angelic Greeting. Get yourselves some pendulum or take some simple chain with an adjacent ring on it. And these are the preparations to follow:

Next you call upon me so that I may protect you while you are preparing the pendulum for this special issue. And the appropriate words may be as follows:

“I am calling upon Archangel Michael and his blue Flame and I request you please to envelope myself into it for the sake of protected safety.

And this as long while I am preparing this pendulum for its specific issue and task. My sincere thanks go to you and thus it shall be !”

While this sort of my protection has been made an active one the programming of the pendulum will follow subsequently.

This is necessary since pendulums are put to use for various and differing purposes, e.g. purification, clearance of certain matters – or to avail oneself of certain pieces of information.

And related to the application of this pendulum some different setting may be put to use here. And this will be the adequate proceeding now:

Call upon the Heavenly Powers with the following invocation and inform them what has to be done:

“I am calling upon the Heavenly Powers and Host and beg you to prepare this pendulum for the subsequently described task !”

Now take the pendulum into your right or left hand and be all set to program the Angelic Greeting. Leave the pendulum hanging straight down and wait until it starts turning to the right.

Wait as long until the turning of the pendulum stops altogether which shows that it has been prepared now for its special beforehand job.

In case the pendulum is not turning around at all there are some special reasons.

Either you are not sufficiently prepared from your inner heart to receive this precious Angelic Gift and the reasons for it I am not detailing to you – or something has not been done in the very right way so that this Angelic Greeting may not be programmed now.

Try to do the procedure again as from the invocation if you have not been successful the first time.

Now here is the next following step to do and this must be in strict adherence to the order of sequence since otherwise you will not obtain the desired protection.

Call upon the heavenly powers with your pendulum hanging down from your right or left hand with following words:

“I call upon the heavenly powers to stand by myself with this Angelic Greeting !”

… and now in a loud voice repeat this 3-times:

“Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai Tsebayoth!”

Since you have made your invocation now protection will be established. Reciprocating the Angelic Greeting resp. Protection granted will be confirmed by the pendulum turning to the right. Please wait until you may perceive a good and clear turning to the right and do not interrupt this process too quickly since otherwise you may not be given this kind of desired protection.

Now you are under the protection of the Angelic Greeting and no-one may ever disturb such communication with the Powers of Light.

As soon as you have finished your communication this protection shield will determinate since it is a great challenge to your energetic level and your body will not be apt to endure such high frequencies for longer ends.

They would do some damage to your bodies and this would not serve it original purpose at all.

As soon as you have finished this entire procedure you may go and do what you want to – this sort of protection will not prevail anymore.

Final Notifications

These are some further explanations which I deem quite essential to take duly note thereof. Only make use of this specific kind of protection if you really want to start some communication with Beings of the Light.

Do not call for this protection if it is the matter of your daily protection solely.

As for the daily use there are other Tools applicable and they are given on the blog of my channel in the very ToolBox published there under following link: [LINK: Spiritual ToolBox - English]

In addition to all matters mentioned above here I ‘d like to inform you of following items :” There are some special people who will not be given this kind of protection due to their hearts not being pure and clear enough or those you would be apt to induce damages all around them if they were under this shield of protection.

Since this kind of protection may also be abused grossly if it were applied to the wrong person. To explain this in some more detail would be going beyond the given frame-structure here.

For anybody wanting to acquire more knowledge about this Angelic Greeting and subsequent perception of it is being advised to look up the respective passages in that book which my channel will list in the footnotes underneath.

Wishing you success and enjoyment with this wonderful protection of our all Creator and our heavenly Angelic Masters

Your Archangel Michael

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