Saturday, 18 January 2014

Archangel Anael & Archangel Michael Messages for 13-19 January 2014 Channeler: Gulcin Onel (Mavinin Sesi)


Dive into the depths of your heart, let go, the more you dive the more each layer will open up, each piece of cloth will be pulled away, whatever there is that is open, bright will remain, with all of its transparency.

Whatever is on the ground and in the air, unite them right in the center,
Whatever is up and down, exactly in the middle.

The more you let yourself into the depth; you will see that you are flying, as if gliding.
Whatever you want to know, That

Whatever you want to see, That
Just “That”, just that entered through the gate of the heart and exited in infinity.

May your courage be with you, take a step, without staying back, without going round in circles.

Love and Light,
Archangel Anael

Your dreams are important; choose to notice the signs and guidance presented to you. Lately, your soul is yearning for and dreaming of a romantic relationship, as your heart opens up and expands, yearning will be unity dear ones.

Let all that is related to relationships heal, do not forget whatever is positive will come along with positive outcomes.

Let the love of the Divine pour in, invoke it.

Be enlightened with the Love and Light in every person and every situation dear ones.

Protect your center by being in nature, center by embracing the trees, water, air, earth, compassion and the sublime that belongs to Mother Nature. We are with you.

Love and Light,
Archangel Michael

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