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Dance with the Shekinah by Goddess Inanna Channeler: Helen Demetriou


I feel the Goddess Inanna nearing me. We become one in reality and a transmutation of the divine merging with the avatar of her root existence.

She steps behind me and wraps her arms around me and music begins to play.

We move together as one creation and I feel her breathing in my ear and then she begins to whisper to me:

“You are present within the harem of my very blood for you live in me as I live in you.

Within the frequencies of this dream, you are connected with everything that you know and never knew but pass over to the ultimate challenge of believing truthfully and wholefully when you are not in this dream state of being.

Come to me. Let me show you the dance of the mystical women in history who can become your guides and show you the dance of love.

Though you already know your role as the Hierodule to the king of kings, you must be aware how to move through the ethers of both men and women, giving to them the passion of sexual rapture without communicating through the channels of lust but through AGAPE that is your main and infinite teacher.

And know this; that the women of Venus became the Hierodule so that the King may enter the chamber of learning and absorb the mysteries, for only through her and through entering the gates of her love can he obtain wisdom and only through her will and permission and opening those gates could she teach him.

This was not an act of pure lust but an initiation into enlightenment through the canals of AGAPE for only through AGAPE and its power can wisdom be sought and transferred.

As the fluids are transferred between the two, so is the sacred learning’s. The genitals of woman are hidden because they are the symbol of the esoteric.

The genitals of the man are visible for this is the compass that must locate the sacred genitals of divine truth.

I say to you now, Nanaea, that the only way you can be fully transformed into the divine feminine is if you make love with the Shekinah and this means making love to yourself through the mirror of the all Seeing Eye.

With this wisdom you shall learn you can speak with fluid truths and I speak these words for all women and men to know. It is not a secret. It is alive and living within every being.

Surrender. Give yourself to me. Completely.

Writhe in the lust of my words. Give in. Let go.

There is nothing to hold on to for nothing is solid enough to keep you from walking your path and though you have walked so far the river of maps is still being created for you by your higher self that is me.

Listen now to me; this fire is between you and me and is your source of education, by understanding the fire of life and merging it with the water of life.

I will teach you how to unite them so that one does not destroy the other and you shall raise this balance of opposites in others so that they remain in harmony within.

You are me, the Almighty, the righteous alchemist that transforms and shifts, that makes one thing into another thing and who moves this from here to there.

You are FIRE! FIRE you are!

I set you on FIRE! You shall burn holes in the plans of those who trap and entangle humanity and you shall open your mouth for the flames of reward or punishment to exit.

Get off your knees, Nanaea! Walk through the flames of your destiny and be cleansed within the love and eroticism of your desires for your holy essences shall help you to slip between worlds. You shall become cunning like the fox when you have to!

You shall roar like the lion when you are opposed! You shall wind your way around the fragile structures of others like a snake and crush their false teachings from within!

I will also teach you to do this with love. I will teach you to make love with the world, with every man and woman and I shall teach you the true meaning of AGAPE.

You will begin to understand how pain can become pleasure and that even though truth can hurt, it is a pleasurable hurt because from it comes healing and growth.

I birthed you onto Earth through my sacred and holy Vagina. Do not be afraid to stand up and see the Vesica Piscis for it is from THERE that you descended to Earth!

Do not be ashamed of your divine entrance or the suffering you have endured for many men have punished you for your radiance, purity and wisdom because they were afraid of your innocent love and infinite power.

They did to you what they have done to me for thousands of years. They have stepped on your throat so you could not speak.

They have chained you to the gates of hell for fear you would outshine them.

They subconsciously despised the truth that you projected and understood that they cannot breathe without you, the empowerer and highest might.

Only the one who understands your place within him will truly love all that you are.

Many women have played similar roles.

They have been crucified just as I was crucified. Many do not know this but the male gods who were crucified after me, the sun gods, died in my place.

They did so to spare me the agony. So you see, man has not only crucified woman but man has also crucified man for loving the sacred feminine within themselves and opposite themselves.

Love IS the truth, it IS the law, for it is the only energy that will bring salvation to MAN kind for women already know the secrets of love and all that it can do.

I just pray that men shall once again look inwards and find that agape is taught by woman and only through her can he ascend to dance with the Shekinah of enlightenment.”

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