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Golden Age Messages from the Masters: Living in the Here and Now Part I

We are easily one with you when you are living in the here and now because then you are truly abiding as your God Presence and we are always in union with your Presence. When you see the world as living, pulsing energy, you will see that energy exists in frequency wave bands and we are calling you into a “band” that is pulsing with Unity Consciousness because that is your new foundational home base and that is where we live in Oneness with you. When you are consciously living as the Love and Light of Source that you truly already are and have always been, then you are living as your God Presence in Unity or Christ Consciousness where the celebration of life is endless and joy is your natural state of being!
~ The Councils of Shamballa    
Where is the here and now? Is it a specific place based simply on where you are placing your attention in the moment, or is it perhaps much more than that? Consciousness is unconfined by time, so when we speak of the here and now, we are referring to a vast field of energy that has not yet been qualified by any particular thought or feeling. From this perspective, consciousness is actually separate from the limited thinking mind and exists within an unlimited field of potential that contains all possibilities. The brain is a conduit for consciousness. It receives a signal like a television set, which it then decodes—yet it does not create the signal. The signal is sent to you from Source and it is the unlimited energy within this magnificent Source that isnow, and always has been, your omnipresent co-creative partner. 

Living in the here and now allows for the pure joy of simply being present and it provides you with the ecstasy of being truly intimate with yourself and another. In Unity Consciousness the concept of duality is replaced with your in-depth experience of being one with all of life. In reality the principles of good and bad appear to be polarities because the infinite and timeless spectrum that is in between those two has not really been available to the third dimensional levels of your consciousness, yet what if the whole basis of your reality was not founded in the dimension in which you are living?
What if you are truly living outside of all time and form-based realities and you only chose to have an experience in the 3rd dimension so you could master the physicality that comes with simply slowing down your vibrations? What if you are now here to master being multi-dimensional while living in the appearance of a physical world and body? What if you are being provided with this extraordinary opportunity so you can be a living example of living as your God Presence on Earth? And what if this is the opportunity of many lifetimes and one you have been waiting for throughout the centuries?
Even though we are posing these truths as questions for you to ponder, know that this is the journey you are now engaged in while being in a physical body.
Unending gratitude for simply being alive and on Earth during this extraordinary passage and ascension into an entirely new dimension is truly the response that will serve you in moving forward with ease and grace into your new era of peace. And yes, peace does begin with you!Being peace fully is much easier when you allow yourself to so completely forgive your past or your present circumstances that you are totally available to enter into the frequency of gratitude. When you are willing to accept and be grateful for the gifts that have come into your life based on your past or present circumstances, then all of the perceptions you may be carrying about yourself, your life or others can be gracefully dissolved within a giant heap of gratitude and compassion, and this leaves you free from carrying any old stuff into the unlimited possibilities that await you in this new year.
Saint Germain is sending out giant waves of freedom to assist you in simply remembering who you truly are without any restrictions, all of which have simply been based in the misconceptions and perceptions that have been carried forward within the collective consciousness of humanity. He awaits your homecoming into the true land of the free where you will know how loved and supported you truly are. This home is within your own heart in union with your God Presence. It is truly time to say whole-heartedly, Happy New Year

All of us at the Ascended Masters Mystery School wish you and yours a most blessed new year of peace, joy and abundance. May you all be living demonstrations of Divine Love as you co-create a new Golden Age of Freedom.
Live as the Presence in Unity Consciousness on the Personal, Local, National & Global Levels
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