Wednesday, 31 August 2011

NEW: Passive Income that's Breathtakingly Simple

Riches has developed a deviously simple program that allows
you to earn Daily, Passive Income without having to work up a sweat
referring new members, selling anything, or having to wind your way
through a maze of a website.

2 Simple Steps:

1) Register at :

2) Purchase one or more RR Ad Unit for just $10 each.

Congratulations, you did it! (lol, time for a nap after that workout)

The RR Ad Unit consists of:

- 2500 Banner Ad Credits
- 2500 Side Banner Credits
- 2500 Text Ad Credits
- 500 mailing credits for the participating Mailing List of your choice
(you also receive 100 mailing credits just for joining Ricochet Riches)

Even though NO ONE has to refer to earn at Ricochet Riches, if you DO
refer, you can build your income up to the stratosphere!

- Earn 10% on ALL RR Ad Units purchased by your direct referrals
- Earn 5% on ALL RR Ad Units purchased by your direct referrals
- Receive 50 mailing credits for every direct referral.

BONUS: Riches is a Marketing NETWORK... this means that
as more exclusive programs are added to the network, you'll have a
ready-made downline for each program! SWEET.

Do the Ricochet Riches "Two-Step" and start earning today:

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