Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Are you ready to feel your absolute BEST without spending a lot of time or money – OR depriving yourself?

Now, you can revitalize your body, mind, and spirit in just 21 days with

an expert nutritionist personally guiding you every step of the way!

If you’re someone who experiences ...
•Seasonal allergies

•Brain fog

•Belly bloat from foods that are hard to digest and eliminate

•Difficulty sleeping, or sleeping too much

•Waking with low energy, depression or anxiety

•The merry-go-around of sugar and gluten cravings, keeping you from experiencing your true vitality

•Weight gain despite all of your attempts to stop it

•Mental sluggishness, even after exercise or meditation

•Or just a general “blah” feeling

... your body may be telling you it’s time for a cleanse!

But not just any cleanse that you do all alone – where you deprive yourself of foods and energy you need to get through your day, or worry you might not have the willpower to see it to the end.

This is a cleanse that is guided, holistic and food-based and includes LOTS of individual attention and coaching from leading functional nutritionist Andrea Nakayama.

Plus, you’ll be supported by a community of people, just like you, who are committed to feeling, looking, sleeping, working and playing at their very best this summer – and beyond. By cleansing and keeping yourself in good health, you boost the resources you innately need to face and overcome life’s everyday challenges.

And when you’re at your best, most vibrant self, you have the vital energy needed to make a difference in the world!

Andrea is no stranger to health challenges; in fact, 12 years ago when Andrea was seven weeks pregnant, her husband was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor. He was given six months to live...

When the health crisis struck, Andrea and her husband researched, learned and changed everything they put in their mouths to optimize its healing potential – while also supporting her body through the hormonal changes of pregnancy and extreme stress.

Her husband lived beyond the doctors’ expectations, enough to see their son celebrate his 3rd birthday.

Through this whirlwind journey, Andrea transformed what many of us would imagine to be a heart-breaking and depressing experience into a gift that empowers and motivates thousands to live longer, healthier lives.

Today, Andrea is a passionate spokesperson for the power of food, offering you true transformation to heal and nourish your body; eradicate deficiencies; feel and look your absolute very best; and revitalize your ENTIRE life.

You’ll emerge from these 21 days feeling abundantly nourished and renewed in body, mind and spirit!

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