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Efficient email marketing campaigns design for mobile — reach CFOs everywhere they are

It’s time for your email marketing to go mobile. More than half of all consumers in this country are willing to change their mobile carrier if they can’t get tailor-made content and receive relevant offers. 1 in 4 only shop using their smart phone. We’re scanning mobile tags, making purchasing choices based on the design of a product’s mobile site. The number of mobile transactions is on path to rise 400% in 2012. Shopping mobile was worth $9 billion last year; it’s predicted to be $12 billion in two years. The smartphone market now exceeds the PC market and with more than a billion devices anticipated in two years, web traffic could shoot up 26 times its current amount by 2016!

Got the point? Your email marketing campaign’s design needs to reflect the trend to mobile. And if your target happens to be CFOs, listen to this.

87% of executives have laptops, 82% smartphones. CFOs have more web-connected devices than anyone, even more than CEOs. The younger the executive, the more the statistics slide toward comfort with and commitment to mobile devices. Among top leadership, 45% say by 2015 they’ll have made a tablet or smartphone their key device.

The CFO is leading the way into a future where a tablet and/or a smart phone can create any transaction or any brand.

Carving out space for email marketing for mobile to reach C-level executives reflects the amount of B2B marketing, purchasing, even decision-making processes moving to mobile. The trends should light up your eyes if you’ve sought ways to reach CFOs, because CFOs are always looking for easier, more efficient ways; they are cost-conscious, even more so than ordinary consumers.

As you tailor your email marketing campaign’s design for CFOs, follow these rules:

Easy on images

Make the layout as simple as possible

Optimize, optimize, optimize


Use code responsive technology to match the device being used

Give the eye room to roam by using white space

Tap into Proformative’s rapidly growing 600,000-member community of CEOs and other financial and accounting executives – rent segmented mailing lists of CFOs and have Proformative execute your broadcasts, include your advertorials in the company’s newsletter and call our team to brainstorm on many other ways to generate demand for your business.

While working on email marketing campaign’s design and crafting content for your email sequences, remember: CFOs are also more demanding about how clear and no-nonsense the messages that they receive are, so:

Avoid hype marketing terms

Give them information that helps them run their business

Educate, inform, and respect the challenges they face

This style, partnering with Proformative and a commitment to the new mobile world, can make communicating with CFOs much easier.

Download Proformative’s white paper “How to market to CFOs” ( to learn how to craft your messages and distribute them through channels most appealing to corporate finance executives.

Attend our virtual events to learn more about how to sell technologies to today’s CFOs.

Now, tell us how you’re using email marketing to reach CFOs.

What seemingly intractable problems have you solved using these strategies?

How has it affected your brand and reputation?

Has your relationship to mobile changed?

What have you gained/learned from joining the Proformative B2B community?

Got any statistics to tell us about?    

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