Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Soulful Women Activation Series - reclaim the awesome power of our collective responsibility for dreaming and birthing this new era

We are inviting you to activate your highest calling during three powerful evenings. In these sessions, we will create a global circle of sisters who are mutually empowering each other through inner guidance, commitment, remembrance and grace.

As we’re at the threshold of a new era that is literally being breathed and dreamed into existence, we can sense the incredible possibilities for our new world. And it’s clear that we need conscious, powerful, awake, brilliant women like YOU to usher in and midwife this new era.

Your visionary dreaming, courageous heart, inspired action and unique contribution are truly needed in these shifting times. So, if you know yourself as a healer, change agent, midwife, leader or priestess, we want to help you re-ignite the flame in you that is committed to truth, love and service above all else.

This will not be a formulaic step-by-step process like many other teleseminars offer.

It’s a form of virtual ritual for remembering who you really are and what you’re here to do, and committing to making that happen.

Miracles abound when we can join together in a sacred sisterhood circle to reclaim the awesome power of our collective responsibility for dreaming and birthing this new era.

It’s for this reason that we’re calling you to take a stand and join us to activate our collective dream - and your highest calling - in this 3-part Soulful Women Activation Series, where you will:

1.Create a solid foundation to support your biggest dream, through connecting with the energy of the Great Mother.

2.Clear the blocks that keep you from living your soul path, accessing your own Internal Midwife - the part of you that must release and surrender so that something greater can be born.

3.Create your “greater than imagined” future, by allowing your own Visionary Dreamer to help forge a pathway forward as you stand in your strength.

In these three intimate sessions, we’ll create a sacred space together as we weave in our personal insights, challenges and successes in birthing our own dreams.

And we will all co-create a global circle of empowerment, with thousands of women like you, who are ready to commit powerfully to their destiny path and to co-create the larger changes of our day.

Please note: When you do sign up, we ask that you commit to attending or listening to all three sessions -- it sends a powerful signal to the Universe and your subconscious that you are serious about your highest calling and it also supports the larger group. So, do take a stand with us and sign up now!

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