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How to Create Prosperity in YOUR Life So You Can Contribute and Share Your Gifts From Fullness!

How to Create Prosperity in YOUR Life So You Can Contribute and Share Your Gifts From Fullness!

I’m on a mission to help you remember and reclaim your birthright: TRUE Abundance!

You were conceived from and born into a world of overflowing abundance and that, my friend, is your natural state.

The problem is, along the way to adulthood, you forgot your natural state.

The messages from the people around you (even the ones who loved you the most), the experiences you had and the lessons you learned often conflicted with your deep inner knowing that this world is abundant.

If you were like me, you tried to hold onto that connection to your natural state as long as possible.

But, in the end, the forces pointing you in the other direction wore you down. With all of the encouraging advice to “be realistic” and “save for a rainy day” and “play it safe” ... it was finally easier to just give in and go with the flow.

When you’re alone (and young), trying to hold onto your natural state of abundance in the face of so much conflicting information is tiring, exhausting even!

What happened is your natural state of abundance faded into the background and you began living like the people around you... as if there wasn’t enough to go around and you needed to work hard or find someone to take care of you.

But always, deep within you, was a small, quiet, voice in the background.

It’s the voice of TRUE Abundance – your true nature.

And it’s always been there, whispering to you in brief moments of silence or awe or gratitude. And you never completely shut it down (although some people do!)

Some part of you remained open to that voice, and now it has guided you here because you are ready to remember and reclaim your birthright. You are ready to create the life of TRUE Abundance that has been waiting for you your entire life!

Welcome to the 30-Day Abundance Quest. Congratulations! I am so grateful you listened to that quiet voice within and have come to find out more about this program.

Enough is ENOUGH!

Whatever brought you to this page my guess is that you’ve had enough:

•Enough of the struggle

•Enough of the worry

•Enough of the doubt

•Enough of the fear

•Enough of the not enough...

But I bet you also recognize some of the incredible blessings in your life! You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t have a lot of appreciation. Without gratitude you wouldn’t be ready for the TRUE Abundance that awaits you. Not yet!

But here you are... and so, clearly, it’s time for you to say YES to your birthright.

It’s time for YOU to start creating a life of TRUE Abundance!

You’re NOT Alone Anymore

At some point, perhaps for most of your life, you may have felt alone, that there was no one around you who could understand and help you explore your connection to TRUE Abundance.

You probably felt like you didn’t belong, didn’t fit in. At times, you may have even felt a bit crazy.

But here’s the good news... You are NOT alone anymore.

We’re here, with you, to support you, to grow with you, to welcome you and to let you know that you are NOT crazy, you are NOT alone and you DO belong here!

And we’re here to remind you that abundance IS your natural state and to help you reconnect to that quiet voice inside you and to reclaim your birthright.

Scarcity is a HABIT

Contrary to what most people believe and what we’ve been taught, scarcity is NOT reality! Scarcity is not even a state.

Scarcity is a habit.

What does that mean? Well, it means that you can kick the scarcity habit just like you can quit smoking, lose weight and stop checking email 30 times a day!

It still might not be easy (ask someone who has quit smoking!) but changing a habit is a heck of a lot easier than changing “reality”!

When You Break Out of the HABIT of Scarcity, You Will:

Discover that you are no longer scared or worried about your finances

Feel a sense of deep trust and acceptance

Wake up energized and excited for the blessings that await you in the new day

Discover the passion for your unique work in the world and the gifts you have to offer

Be willing to say NO to things (and people) that are not aligned with and supportive of your vision

Show up more fully and effectively as a powerful messenger for the Shifting consciousness

Step into a dynamic, co-creative relationship with source

Be amazed at the surprising and brilliant ways that life conspires to support your dreams

Experience moments of happiness, joy and love for no reason   Have you ever seen a bunch of gears working together? It’s incredibly beautiful to watch as one gear turns another, which turns another, which ultimately creates the desired outcome.

The gears all work together, amplifying the initial energy fed into the system. It’s a true example of the sum being more powerful than the individual parts.

The problem is that the entire system is dependent on the proper functioning of each individual gear.

If one gear breaks or gets stuck, it stops, or slows down all of the other gears and the entire system.

The same is true in the process of manifesting more of what you want.

When all five of the manifestation keys are activated and running smoothly, the outcome – the manifested result – is always more powerful than the initial energy flowing into the system.

But if even just one of those five keys is stuck or stopped or not activated in your life, it causes the entire system to slow down and potentially stop completely.

In order to manifest and attract more of what you want, consciously, all five of the manifestation keys must be activated.

How Do I Know?

I know what it feels like because I spent much of my life with one or more of these manifestation keys broken or stuck.

I’ve lived through times of wondering how I was going to pay the rent and put food on the table. In fact, I’ve traveled pretty far down into the scarcity rabbit hole.

But all the time I was down there I knew there was a reason... I knew I was in that place to learn something, to grow, to find an answer.

Now I understand why I had to spend so much time down in that rabbit hole... The time I spent down there allowed me to formulate this system and now helps me to guide you from a place of understanding, empathy and compassion.

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