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Emotional Fluency: a Toolkit for Understanding and Constructively Mastering Your Inner World

ttn: All heart-centered entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, therapists, healing professionals, teachers or anyone in business who wants to unlock your capacity to lead and inspire, enroll others in your vision and multiply your results in business

The reality of life is inescapable: You feel and you feel deeply. It’s an integral part of being human. It’s defines who you are and touches every part of your business and your life. Your emotions are a profoundly powerful force.
How you understand, harness and tap into your feelings influences, impacts and shapes everything in your world, personally and professionally.
Whether you feel strung out or deeply satisfied, depressed or happy, second best or super successful, you probably know this has more to do with your internal emotional reality than any external circumstances or events.
So, why is it so hard for us to fully master our internal world when we know that our feelings, thoughts and beliefs directly relate to our success in work and life?
One reason...

You Probably Weren’t Issued a Toolkit for Understanding and Constructively Mastering Your Inner World for Success...

Over a decade and a half ago, psychologist and writer Daniel Goleman demonstrated that one’s emotional intelligence (EQ), not IQ or experience, was the leading factor in determining the success or failure of an individual in business.
So, does it make any sense why - when we know how valuable EQ is for success - so few leaders, entrepreneurs and business people are taught how to be more emotionally fluent or even competent?
  • When you learn how to unlock and manage your emotions, you become an unstoppable force in business and in life.
  • When you learn how to recognize and understand the emotions of others, you become a magnetic and inspirational leader whose positivity can cascade into the lives of others.
  • When you find out how to combine the right “emotional ingredients” for success, you can experience unsurpassed creativity, innovation and authenticity.

It’s Time to Let Your Emotions Represent the Best in You, as Opposed to Getting the Best of You. It’s Time for Them to Work for You Rather than against You.

Join long-time CEO and author Chip Conley for a remarkable five-session online course as he equips you with the key principles of emotional mastery, building upon the decades of experience growing and leading a $250 million boutique hotel company and the 3 years of research for his upcoming book Emotional Equations: Simple Truths to Creating Happiness & Success.
Chip Conley offers the most remarkable example we’ve seen of applying emotional intelligence in business. He has ridden the highs and lows of growing an entrepreneurial business (which he started at the age of 26) and turning it into one of the most successful hotel boutique chains in the U.S.
Chip has mastered bridging heart and soul with solid business principles, and now you have the opportunity to learn from one of the most successful enlightened business leaders to take your business to the next level of success.
In each class, you’ll dive deeply into the core of Emotional Fluency. Combining engaging hands-on lectures, interactive Q & A sessions, and practical, step-by-step ways for you to integrate these powerful lessons, this course has been developed to help entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, therapists, healing professionals, teachers or anyone who works with others in business to thrive in every aspect of your personal and professional life.
By the end of this groundbreaking course, you will have a clear understanding of the emotional building blocks that influence your life and will be equipped with a “toolbox” of constructive exercises, insights and ways of thinking that can help you master your emotions to positively influence others.
In addition, you’ll learn how your newfound fluency can help you multiply your business results and create success in all you do.

How You Can Benefit

Join Chip Conley, a forward-thinking expert in conscious business leadership and practice, for this extraordinary five-session course where you will discover:
  • How to gain mastery and deep understanding of your emotions for unsurpassed success in all areas of your personal and professional life
  • The secrets to being a powerful enlightened business leader by setting the “emotional thermostat” for all those around you
  • How to masterfully forecast what emotions are about to emerge within you
  • How to move powerfully through the inevitable obstacles and resistances that arise by managing your emotions
  • Deeper awareness of your habitual emotional patterns and tools to create empowering new patterns
  • Specific equations for leveraging any experience into more joy, authenticity and thriving
  • How to achieve emotional competency that allows you to turn your hopes and dreams into reality
  • Powerful and easy-to-apply practices for making your emotions work for you
We invite you to sign up for this life-changing 5-series course

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