Friday, 24 August 2012

You Can Unlock Your Own Soul Essence Right Now …

Activate Your Dormant DNA Quickly – Easily – Gracefully

For the past ten years I have personally worked with people from all over the world who were ready to make a huge shift in their consciousness by accessing the power of the Consciousness 2.0™ Technology. The request for this technology is fast exceeding my time capability which is why the self-guided program is now available to you. As a special consideration, I am making this home study program available at the special price of only $297. Plus I want you to be included in the growing Fully Conscious Human community, so I am adding these three supportive community-building bonuses:

Bonus #1: Activate Your Energy Body Visualization

During the Consciousness Upgrades throughout the program, you will be guided to call out toxic thought patterns, memories and emotions from where they are hiding in your physical, emotional and mental bodies. When the meridian pathways are cleared first, as in this Energy Field Activation, the hidden toxins will release more easily and gracefully. The benefits of this meditation are:

Your life force energy will circulate more freely, nourishing your body

Your immune system will be reactivated, allowing your body to heal itself

You will reduce your stress level

You will experience more mental clarity

You’ll find it easier to cope with your emotions and situations that arise

You’ll attract clarity and balance in your relationships and life experience

Bonus #2: Raise Your Light Quotient Visualization

In this guided visualization, you will be calling in light frequencies such as love, joy, bliss, clarity like a light shower to bathe your cells. Clients report that after listening to this session repeatedly, they become masters of light and can call in any light frequency and instantly change their state of being to love, joy, bliss or whatever they want.

Bonus #3: Credit Coupon for any Consciousness 2.0™ 12-Session Teleclass

offered for the rest of this year. When you upgrade to the Tele-course or private mentoring formats, you will receive a credit equal to what you have invested in the self-guided kit to date. Teleclasses add value to your experience by providing group energy, support and structure to stay on track with a 12-week completion. Receive a full credit of the amount you invested in the Self-Guided Program.

Bonus #4: Invitation to Join the Reality Crafting Team

Consciousness 2.0 graduates are invited to join the Reality Crafting Teamfor a weekly teleconference. This growing group of graduates has been meeting for more than three years. The team masters their new Fully Conscious Human skills while serving the planet and humanity as we continue on our shared journey to fully express Paradise on Earth.

It Isn’t Just About YOU

The step you are about to take isn’t just about your personal peace and health; it’s also about the evolution of the entire planet. It’s about connecting on a global scale beyond anything this world has yet to see. Because we want to reach more people, and get them upgraded as quickly as possible, we’re offering this incredible Self-Empowerment instant download package at a generous price of only $497. And this is not like the programs you get from self-help seminars that you read once, then put on your shelf and return to your old habits. When you listen to the recordings you will change at cellular level, at your very core. There won’t be an old you to create old habits. Your soul doesn’t want you to wait thousands or even millions of years to evolve to the next level. Take control. Make that lasting, evolutionary change right now.

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