Tuesday, 14 August 2012

What to Avoid While Budgeting Demand & Lead Generation Programs for 2013

While demand generation is all about building brand awareness, influence in your industry and interest in your solutions, lead generation efforts are focused on qualifying and prioritizing prospects, nurturing qualified leads, coordinating marketing with sales, and measuring and optimizing the relationship.

Every new planning season presents an opportunity to revisit your strategic plans and tactical execution of your campaigns to successfully reach corporate finance executives with your marketing programs.

What will your demand generation programs look like in Q4 and upcoming 2013?

In B2B circles for rapidly growing businesses like yours, i.e. with marketing budgets around $500K and above, Q4 is historically a time when marketing spend picks up. Sales need the push to reach year-end quotas, or budget protection kicks in and justifies spending to defend getting at least as much to spend in the next cycle.

Here are 16 things to avoid while budgeting your demand generation programs:

Failing to accurately measure your conversions and optimize your campaigns.

Not optimizing and not aligning your landing pages to better fit your customer search profiles.

Beating yourself up because you haven’t figured out how to get social media to pay off as much as you imagine it should.

Failing to pay attention to your social conversations to build campaigns for other channels considering the results.

Not customizing your social strategy to match your ad groups and campaigns.

Giving up on “face-to-face” gatherings (how about teleconference?) with important customers.

Thinking that marketing automation will solve process issues and people problems.

Assuming that your creatives’ and broadcasts’ targeting is good enough and not working to make it better.

Being unwilling to measure campaign results, however small the sample.

Forgetting to adjust your budget based on average cost per lead or cost per conversion.

Not finding better ways to address your customers’ pain points.

Failing to improve everything in your system that has been designed to nurture leads and aligning the “why change?” and the “why you?” processes.

Not using a social savvy management system and automation platform.

Not using demand generation assets that address the emotional, “survival” aspects driving your customer. Got artfully crafted white papers that do just that? Why not promote them to Proformative’s community of over 600,000 corporate finance executives?

Not listening to the surveys that say 80% or more of businesses feel their demand generation campaigns are not delivering the leads and sales they expected, so new strategies and new channels must be designed and tested.

Not investing in new, compelling content and new content distribution channels. Have you tried Proformative’s demand generation solutions yet? Why not?

That’s what not to do. Now, what to do?


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