Friday, 1 February 2013

An Evolutionary Roadmap for You to Become a Powerful Catalyst for Personal and Planetary Change

Aside from indigenous prophecy, those of us who are aware of world events can clearly see the powerful social, economic and political changes are sweeping the planet. Will they become increasingly destructive? Or will we use these crises as an opportunity to evolve more quickly than ever before to a new way of being?

The choice is ours.

In the mainstream media, our times are often portrayed as precarious and grim. The media paint the picture that we are teetering on the edge of environmental collapse and global disaster, buffeted by senseless war, suffering and strife.

However, they neglect the fact that this intense and often emotional drama has one powerful solution: our conscious evolution as a species.

We have within us extraordinary creative potentials that have yet to be massively unleashed, leading to wide-scale cooperation, innovation, sustainability and peace.

All that the world truly needs to make this collective shift is a critical mass of empowered, evolutionary change agents who can envision what’s possible and are willing to roll up their sleeves and take the necessary actions to make it happen.

The ironic and somewhat painful truth is that the solutions to fix EVERY ONE of our problems are already available; it’s only the outdated human software that needs to be upgraded!

As Einstein famously said “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

If Einstein is correct and all we really need to do is awaken and embody a new level of consciousness, what can we do right now to help birth this expanded state of awareness into our world?

Discover an Evolutionary Roadmap for You to Become a Powerful Catalyst for Personal and Planetary Change

Which brings us to YOU: are you one of those rare individuals inspired to upgrade your outdated “software” and bring this emerging level of consciousness into our world?

Are you ready to “reboot” the dysfunctional programming on planet earth and “encode” a more holistic, compassionate and sacred vision that serves all of life?

Are you open to connect with the evolutionary intelligence of the cosmos and manifest what IS truly possible within yourself and our world, rather than focus excessively on the problems and lament about what no longer works?  

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