Sunday, 3 February 2013

Archangel Michael Angelic Activation Meditation

Archangel Michael is here to protect you and help empower you by connecting you directly with the energies of divine love.
Originally recorded under a new moon, this meditation is great for supporting you in new beginnings and to help you experience accelerated change and growth.
As you connect with Archangel Michael through this .mp3 audio meditation your energy will be activated and cleansed with light. Michael helps you understand what you need to do to connect with your team of guides and guardian angels for a full mind, body and spirit cleansing.
After the cleansing, Michael leads you through a powerful visualization that will help you strengthen your connection with your inner spiritual self and with your angels.
Step by step, Archangel Michael helps you lift your energy to help you ascend to the higher vibrations of love that reside within the angelic realms. These energies are always available to you, this channeling is simply designed to help you quickly achieve this state of being with the help of Michael and your other guardian angels.
You will enjoy the relaxing energies of love that is broadcast by your team of guides and angels. You are ready to be brave and be bold, to enter into your inner realm and to open your heart. Your spiritual self is yearning to connect more deeply with you.
As you consistently lift your vibration, with or without the help of meditations like this one, you will merge your physical body with your true angelic light and spirit… All happening from within your heart-center.

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