Monday, 4 February 2013

Bringing the self to healing

When emotional pain or dis-ease (whether it's in the form of anxiety, depression, diabetes, or cancer for example) occurs, it is the body's way of getting our attention about some imbalance in our life. Something is in need of healing! Self Healing is an empowered and proactive way to approach healing and may often be blended with other healing modalities.

When we honor the body, mind, heart, and spirit, we honor the whole self. After all, you are not just your body or just your mind.

Sadly, the all-time high usage of prescription drugs in our society informs us that many are seeking relief from pain and disease. The good news is the holistic movement of recent decades has reawaken awareness of ancient healing modalities and in some cases has refined some of these techniques. We think these alternative healing approaches are a more natural and less toxics way to approach healing.

At Self Healing Expressions, we think healing is greatly supported by a:

•Strong Immune System

•Healthy Eating

•New Perspective or Belief System

•Shift in Stuck or Stagnant Energy

•Powerful Natural Remedies... to name a few.  

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