Tuesday, 19 February 2013

How To Become A Master Of Mind Control

You’ll learn how to uncover anyone’s deepest motivation and how to use that to influence them. Yes, this is VERY manipulative but people won’t mind because everyone loves talking about this subject.

You’ll learn a real-life technique of “mind reading” that can reveal the feelings and thoughts that people are trying to hide from you. I agree this sounds far fetched but people have consistently reported accurate results and you don’t have to be psychic to do it!

You’ll learn how to subtly guide people through subliminal positive and negative feedback. This is classic behavioral conditioning that will make people WANT to please you.

You’ll learn how to create such a strong and lasting motivation with you that no one can influence you. This is your best way to prevent anyone using Mind Control against you and create a passion for life.

Yes, you will learn the Mind Control techniques that can be used to hurt people. These are typically referred to as “Dark Patterns” and while you will learn these techniques, please, DON’T USE THEM. They can cause depression and some say, suicide.

http://7b4fb2fb-l7r7x1-ebuvmgu85v.hop.clickbank.net/   In order to enchant entire groups of people you have to enchant yourself first. Enchantment is a mental, physical and emotional state that is so positive and powerful that it’s contagious. Enchantment is something people want to feel and people want to be with people who can enchant them.

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