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The Secrets Of Healing With Your Mind

You're about to discover what might very well be the most powerful health system ever developed. These are the same techniques, methods and practices used by the ancient Taoists and Asian Health Science Practitioners for centuries to achieve amazing feats of body-mind-spirit connection, and to promote health and longevity in individuals up to a century old or more
Energy Healing is Easy to Learn

Learning how to Heal With Your Mind doesn't have to be complicated. In fact, I created the Energy Healing for Everyone program specifically with the beginner in mind. And, I included information useful to even the most seasoned of practitioners. The course is written in a format similar to the For Dummies™ and Complete Idiot's™ guides - in other words, great content, with no filler, that you can use to start getting personal results today.

But this is far more than just a Dummies™ guide - it is a complete, Holistic Health System for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of energetic imbalances - ones that will lead to illness in the body if left untreated. While some of these concepts are rather advanced in terms of their results, I have spent a lot of time in breaking down these practices into simple steps so that they can be understood, and applied by, all who are willing to learn. And from years of teaching at both the high school and college levels, I know how to communicate with my students in ways that both increase understanding and retention, and are fun at the same time! I know my enthusiasm for this is infectious, and soon you will be as excited and motivated to learn about it as I was.

Now, for the first time ever, the same energy healing system that has helped thousands of my personal clients and students in creating a healthier life and overcoming illness is available to you in a single, information packed, e-course:

Introducing "Energy Healing for Everyone": A Complete

Energy Healing System Based on Proven Techniques of The World's Most Accomplished Mind Healers

"Energy Healing for Everyone" (EHFE) is a two hundred page energy healing system available in downloadable e-book format, filled with many of the advanced methods previously known to only a small handful of the world's best mind healing experts, gurus and masters. This program contains all the information you will need to help you remove energetic blockages, improve your immune system, heal minor and major health problems, and eliminate bad habits or patterns permanently, without adverse side effects and without using drugs, herbs or unnecessary supplements found in other (including many Western) approaches.

Here's Just a Small Sample of What You'll Learn When You Download Your Copy of Energy Healing for Everyone Today:

How to de-program your negative thoughts and emotions, and replace them with positive ones

Which organs in the body you should NEVER energize directly - and how to treat imbalances in them safely

How to become sensitized to energy fields, and learn to feel or even see their shape and outline

Why it is better not to heal for some cases and in certain conditions

How to use Energy Healing on pets and other animals, as well as people

The proper way to remove barriers to healing

The right steps and progression that should occur during a healing session - and why the wrong steps can cause more harm than good!

When clients don't want to get well - and what you can do about it

How to manifest your thoughts and intentions into reality, and create the life you desire for yourself and others

Why laughter truly is the best medicine!

How to dispose of the negative or diseased energies and imbalances that you will remove properly - and how to keep them from being re-absorbed by the client, or even the healer!

How to heal most minor, moderate and ongoing problems - and what to do with clients having severe problems or terminal illness

When is it appropriate to refer the client out to a doctor or other health care professional

How to improve both your relationship and your financial situation with the same methods you use for healing

How to assess what's going on with the body, and deciphering how those imbalances are detected and interpreted by your senses

The one type of client you should NEVER heal!

The four types of imbalances you will encounter regularly, and the best ways to treat them

Which parts of your energy body are responsible for repelling germs and negative energy, and how to revitalize them

Where energy can leak out from your field, and how to repair these holes

How to heal at a distance, and how distance or proximity affects healing

When, and how often, to heal based on the type and severity of the illness

How to heal yourself with Energy Healing, not just other people

How to re-integrate the client after the healing session so that the work you have done takes hold and is assimilated properly

How to prevent illness before it starts, and setting up the proper environment both at work and at home to keep those problems from occurring

What preparations you should take as a healer before starting to work on someone, and why they are important

What is the Rule of Seven, and how to apply it

How to ask for divine assistance when healing, and when to use angelic guidance... regardless of your own personal belief system

How to avoid getting drained when doing healing - and become energized instead!

And believe me.... this is just the beginning! Energy Healing for Everyone is so much more than just an "e-course" - it's a complete system for total health - possibly the most comprehensive system for healing ever developed! No hype, no B.S., no gimmicks - just the FACTS you need to know to start healing yourself and others NOW.

No Matter What Your Health Goals Are, You Can Start Using This Powerful System RIGHT NOW To Improve Your Health And Energy!

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