Monday, 4 February 2013


Discover how to use higher awareness to raise your
consciousness and break out of old self-sabotaging pattern.

  • You've read lots of books and taken courses, but you're still not where you want to be?
  • You thought you'd changed but now you're back in the same old struggles?
  • You feel trapped in inertia, victimhood and mental clutter?
And yet you are determined - perhaps even desperate - to change?
Here is a hint...
A large building needs a solid foundation.
A rocket needs a stable launching pad.
And we humans need a firm grasp of who we are before we can confidently move forward into success, happiness and peace of mind.
Offering 20 personal development and spiritual growth programs at Higher Awareness

Know how to heal yourself so you can recognize and clear the limiting beliefs that continually sabotage your sincere intentions and efforts to move forward. As you clear old thinking patterns that no longer serve you, you will naturally elevate your level of consciousness and express your unique character, style and purpose.
If you are willing to shift your perceptions, you will change the quality of your life.
Take responsibility for your experience -- refuse to be a victim -- and your life will transform.
Using higher awareness to know and heal yourself creates a solid foundation for harvesting the greatest rewards of your life.

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Nancy Ashley

Author & Editor

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