Friday, 14 October 2011

Are you truly ready to make the shift from ego to essence?

Are you truly ready to make the shift from ego to essence - the foundation of being an agent of conscious evolution? If you understand the central importance of this deep inner shift to liberating your consciousness and living your full creative potential, you will want to continue this powerful work that builds upon all you learned in the ACE Training. Barbara has become so enthused about the importance of this work that she will join her sister Patricia Ellsberg as a co-teacher for the full course, giving you more intimate access to both of the sisters’ wisdom, and more of the intimate details of their awakening journey. The Summer Program is for those committed to BEING the change and being an activation point for conscious evolution. It’s designed to help you live as your Essential Self -- the wise, loving, compassionate, powerful and radiant part of you. When you shift your identity from the egoic "local self," which often feels separate, critical and anxious, to your Essential Self, you will access guidance and live with greater grace, confidence, creativity, purpose and joy. You become the Beloved you have been seeking. This process itself can be powerfully transformative and during this special session for ACE graduates, you will be guided to: * Develop a new identity, healing and lifting up your wounded local Self to a higher vibration as it becomes one with your Essence * Live at a higher frequency and become a frequency holder and generator at a new level * Experience a joyful, life-enhancing journey as we travel together on the path to becoming co-creative Universal Humans Shifting from Ego to Essence is an evolutionary requirement for us to fully give our potential selves into the world. Otherwise, we remain limited by the sufferings of our separated egos. This 9-week expanded training now offers you the opportunity to: * Heal the wounded parts of your ego, your "local selves" as the illusions of separation are dissolved and lifted up into the vibrational field of your Essence * Draw upon your own intuitive inner authority, the aspect that is able to heal, illuminate and guide your whole being * Strengthen your inner masculine and inner feminine. Become both the good mother and the good father to your egoic selves, self-parenting yourself from within and forming a new "inner partnership" of both * Stabilize the feeling of the Beloved being yourself - peaceful, all-knowing and fulfilled * Practice "initiatory love." Transmit this bliss to others as you recognize and help them experience their Essential Selves * Re-pattern your life, replacing overwhelm with ease of effort and creative discovery * Deepen your experience of our co-creative community and gain greater support as you give your gifts to the world as an expression of your Essential Self You don’t need to worry about missing live calls or teaching session. You can get all the teachings and engage the full community and leaders via our private community website

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