Wednesday, 12 October 2011

How you can live greatest life of love and infinite possibility?

Are you eager to once and for all move beyond limiting beliefs and into your greatest life of love and infinite possibility? Do you want to experience the delicious ALIVENESS that comes from living from your heart and walking your path with ease and grace? We all have access to a reservoir of limitless possibility and vast wisdom. When we tap into this power, the abundance we experience is deeper (and truer) than that which comes from just accumulating material possessions. It satisfies a soul hunger so many of us feel to be fully, truly, authentically ourselves and to live more naturally, even effortlessly. When we are “plugged in,” we are constantly filled and rejuvenated from the INSIDE – and that results in an abundance of loving relationships, meaningful work, success, service and material beauty on the outside. But too many of us have distorted ideals of what it means to be conscious or enlightened, often involving sacrificing and undermining our core human needs to simply give, give and give some more. It’s how most of us have been taught. We haven’t known another way. And yet, we ARE the divine source as well, so if we close down our connection internally and deplete ourselves, we have far less to give. A better, more joyful way is possible! you’ll take leaps in understanding the science and practice of real abundance, learning things such as: •How to master your own bodily energetics to begin to break free of long-held limitations •A more efficient use of your energy, focus and consciousness and how to manifest according to your original divine blueprint •How you can transform the “lack consciousness” within our reality into a higher dimensional version of reality •How to interpret your body’s multidimensional language so you can be more relaxed, aware and fluid throughout your day •Practices for clearing out lower vibrations and patterns and opening up to the higher frequencies •Techniques to release the blocks you carry in your central nervous system, electromagnetic energy field and subconscious memory fields •How to create intentions that really work •How to create a shift to true self-love as the new foundation for your life "I wanted to send you my sincere and overwhelming love and gratitude for the impact you are having in my life. Your work and material that I have been studying for the last 8 weeks has changed me and continues to change me every day as I grow more and more into the higher self that I am meant to be." J.F. Wisconsin "I have tried to meditate in so many ways, with so many different techniques all of the country. I’ve gone to Assisi in Italy and Lourdes in France, tried Wayne Dyer and japa meditation. I moved to Sedona, Arizona and tried everything possible. I could not meditate. But for some reason, the way Dr. Sue did it, that’s when I went into my deepest meditation ever. It was unbelievable. Thank you so much for the experience. It changed my life." Donna C. Arizona "One day I was jumping around YouTube and just happened to see your face on one of the videos and opened it. The video I opened was ’You are the one you have been waiting for.’ Your presence hit me so deeply at a time when I was absolutely ready to just fall down with mental and physical exhaustion and call it quits... You were able to touch my soul... you EXACTLY expressed what I needed to see and hear in the perfect time and in the perfect way." A. United Arab Emirates

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