Thursday, 13 October 2011

Fixing Business & Invesment Problems

Basic Goal The goal of this is to teach "monetary model" efficiencies and the ability to test profit lines and take corrective action. The present recession has taught us that monetary models of the past have failed and are very unstable. The goal is to change fiscal paradigms and help companies indentify hidden financial dangers which are unseen due to the flow of money. In an effort to unearth the dangers, we also seek to teach the true profit cycle and indentify the strength of its cash models / monetary structures. The focus is not on fiscal forecasting or historical variances but the mastering monetary flow and the resulting exponential profits. (see below for seminar details) Our aim is to connect all aspects of the organisation towards maximium profits. Hold On To Your Money: What are Monetary Models ? - Before any person can dissect monetary flow , it is imperative to understand money models. This seminar will seek to define and construct relevant thinking which enable creative profit lines. Money Model Efficiencies - It is important to understand money models , however vital to master the efficiencies of fund flow and management. The lack of this skill erodes very strong primary monetary models. Testing Profit Lines - Very skilled investors and business owners often "mistake making money" for profit or product lines. Profit lines are the basal monetary foundation which communicate with every department or investment. Learn about true profit lines and how to test their strength or weakness. Business Variables - What are the things which can defend your profit and those that attract losses. The movement from asset mentality into monetary cash flow are essential for correcting business variables. Hidden financial Dangers (Introduction)- Cash solve problems, however also hide bad financial structures. The section will seek to unearth hidden cash flow problem which can shut a business down. Expense Cycle Investments - The difference between good and bad investments are those based on an expense cycle and those that are not. Mastering this concept alone can transform your entire view of business, money and investments. Interest Flow Cycle Investments - Investments using the interest flow cycle method create multiple monetary foundations for a portfolio. It is simple to understand, however very effective at creating short-term and long-term wealth . Sales Flow Cycles Investments - Marketing is the key to cash flow, this section teaches foundational thinking required for sales, investments and their respective linkages. Process Flow Cycle Investments - Understanding the processes which connect your money and investments is vital to success. This technology introduces foundational and advanced strategies for investment processes P2F Investments - This is a fantastic technology which move individuals away from waiting on success and knowing how to generate success in any thing they do. Compounding - This concept is rarely understood or applied, however it is a powerful money "maker" . This techniques is used by every single investor worldwide. Primary Investment Techniques - This is the graduation from foundational information into setting up a progressive portfolio which has one specific purpose - to make you more money. Understanding How Money Works - The understanding of investments and how money affect losses and profit is pivotal for long term income Difference Between Bank Deposit and a Interest Flow Cycle - While this is an advance concept from our business seminars, it is necessary for you to understand that bank deposits are Not a good thing. Developing and "IFC" should be your only priority. Investment Expansion (Portfolio) - How to expand "firstly" your mind and then you investment portfolio. Global Investment - A Global interest flow cycle will lead to many investment portfolios. These entities will produce money instead of just talk! Advanced Investment Structures - We will teach you the creation of processes, money and financial "legs" for any invesment. And Much Much More - This seminar will open your eyes to financial freedom and help plot a course to business wealth and success

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