Friday, 14 October 2011

Conscious Change Movements Uniting to Co-Create a Global Shift

Be part of an historic event with 14 evolutionary leaders coming together around a shared vision for global change. Learn how YOU can play a part in this inspiring movement. Do you want to become a more effective, joyful and passionate catalyst for real change and give your greatest gifts to the Shift in our world? Then, you’ll want to join us and the 37,000 other global change agents who have signified their commitment to evolving humanity into the next era through Birth 2012! As we find ourselves in a time of great changes, many people are faced with uncertainty and fear, which is only exacerbated by the media frenzy of doom and gloom scenarios, an escalation of natural and man-made disasters and so called “preachers” claiming the apocalypse is rapidly approaching. Barbara Marx Hubbard -- visionary, social pioneer and author -- has put forth a more hopeful vision that centers on the year 2012. In this vision, she declares that the fears around a prophetic “end” date are actually a "birth" date - a symbolic marker of the movement into a new era of human evolution. Seen through this lens, we can celebrate what is already shifting toward sustainability, peace and innovative solutions in every field. Barbara calls this vision Birth 2012: a growing movement of worldwide citizens who are committed to linking hearts and minds with others and consciously co-creating the next stage of our evolution. The movement is envisioning a global Birth Day celebration on December 22, 2012 to cap a year of programs and initiatives that will help us make a positive evolutionary shift. Barbara has set this day as a "due date" -- a vital evolutionary signal -- for all of us to wake up, synergize among ourselves, celebrate what is working and ignite a new way of being. Many respected thought leaders have joined Barbara in this powerful vision. The Welcoming Committee of 12 leaders from different sectors will model how we can have cooperative, synergistic leadership of many movements in service to us all giving our greatest gifts to help make humanity Shift in time. This first event of the Welcoming Committee represents an unprecedented gathering of leaders. You’ll learn: * How new social networks and models are coming together like a planetary nervous system, helping to create a global renaissance and move us to the next level * The role you can play in shifting the consciousness of our world and how you can be involved in movements for peace, sustainability and creativity. * The best ways to navigate the challenges and fears of our time. Chances are you, too, sense a rising "impulse of evolution" within, a growing heart’s desire to activate your own creativity and participate in co-creating something truly extraordinary -- a planetary shift towards a new era of human evolution. Yet you may not have the structure, community of support or language to fully awaken your own evolutionary potential and give your greatest gifts. The Birth 2012 movement offers you a vision and powerful next steps to connect and commune with other pioneering souls who want to learn, grow and work together toward this emerging era. FREE REGISTRATION First Name: Email: We respect your privacy. Your information will never be sold nor shared without your permission. Join this historic event on October 15th and add your passion and energy toward co-creating the next stage of our evolution!

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