Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Find Summer Jobs and Seasonal Jobs

Find a Great Seasonal Job Whatever type of seasonal job you are looking for, we can help. Browse seasonal jobs from employers around the country, read our resources to help you prepare for interviews and give yourself the best chance of landing the job you want. Find summer jobs, camp jobs, winter jobs, ski resort jobs, ranch jobs, lifeguard jobs, resort jobs, guide jobs, cruise ship jobs, beach jobs, outdoor jobs, retail jobs, restaurant jobs, internships, and jobs abroad. http://su.pr/1JGF7D Tips for Landing a Seasonal Job With the holidays fast approaching the stress for many is mounting. The December holidays, like most holidays, is not an inexpensive time of year. There are presents to get for people, parties to attend, and vacations to take. The holidays can be a grand expense. For many the only way to combat the rising cost of the season is to get a part-time job. Seasonal employment, regardless of the time of year, can provide relief to many, but it’s not always easy to get. The market is flush with many who need a little relief as well as college students looking to earn cash for their next semester. So it’s important to get every advantage you can when applying for seasonal work. Here are some tips and tricks to landing that much needed seasonal employment. In seasonal employment, it is often that the early bird gets the worm. Being the first to turn in your resume and your application will give you a leg up on everyone else in the field. Most employers looking for short-term help are in a bind and are looking for someone to help them out quickly. Waiting too long can put you at the bottom of a pile of qualified applicants. Making sure you get in early is paramount to finding employment. Employers who are in search of seasonal help are often in need of someone who can work odd hours or perform unusual or unpopular tasks. Most companies have full-time employees that work the nine to five shifts and perform register work or do bookkeeping acitivies. Your application should reflect the fact that you are willing to work late at night or do tasks that consist of more manual labor. Employers will look to applicants who are willing to do the things there full-time employees are not willing to do or simply cannot do. Making yourself available for work beyond the season is a great way to get noticed by a company that is looking to hire. There are a lot of companies that would like the option of hiring on their seasonal staff if there is a need or if the work performance warrants a continued position. Giving a prospective employer that option, without making it a demand, is almost certain to get you in for an interview. Being able to provide long-term assistance will put you ahead of those who only want a couple of months and have no flexibility for further work. Last but not least is experience. As stated earlier, employers are looking for someone who can hit the ground running; letting them know you understand the job will help you land that job over someone who has no prior experience. Having prior experience working a register will help get you a retail job, or having a strong knowledge of computers will help you get a job at the electronics store even if you don’t have retail experience. The name of the game is making yourself valuable. Seasonal work is not always easy to find, but with these helpful hints you’ll have a leg up on the other applicants.

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