Tuesday, 11 October 2011

The Ultimate Man: Activating a Life of Integrity, Authenticity & Power

Let’s face it, men. Life can be stressful. Daily we deal with financial pressures, relationship problems, work and job difficulties, aging, health issues, too much to do, not enough time, and everything changing too rapidly to catch up. And then there’s things like feedback and criticism from women, competition with other men, being a great husband, father, brother or son - all while trying to be of service to our communities. On top of all that, we face an uncertain future and huge challenges for our planet and civilization -- economic uncertainties, job losses, political turmoil, wars, environmental disasters and critical resource limitations. Most of us feel isolated, too - we don’t have the support of our team, our brothers or a community of men. So, imagine what your life would actually be like if: You are free to bring more passion to your work and your romantic relationship. You are clear in your life’s purpose and know how to be successful. You dramatically increase your productivity and effectiveness. You are comfortable in your own skin and could always be true to yourself. You have deep, honest and soulful connections with other good men. You tap into your full power and had a significant impact on the world. You are easily able to create the life you want If a life like this sounds like what you want, you’re already on the road to becoming an Ultimate Man. “Ultimate” isn’t a destination you reach someday and then you’re done. It’s a continual process of honing your best qualities, engaging in practices that enhance your goodness and making better choices to become more and more successful in your life. Your best qualities are known as virtues. The term “virtues” sounds a bit old-fashioned, but the concept has a rich history. Aristotle (384 - 322 BC) said, “The greatest virtues are those which are most useful to other persons.” Virtues are developed through repeated practice - like a knife being sharpened on a whetstone through continuous strokes. During the course, you’ll learn practices you can engage in to become more accountable to yourself and others. This will sharpen your integrity. Like that knife, you’ll press yourself up against your own highest values, until your edges are sharp and clearly defined. Over time, you become known as a man of integrity. Do you want to feel more personal power and have greater impact at work, in relationships and in the world? If so, join us for an extraordinary training with some of today’s greatest teachers in the men’s movement. http://su.pr/16M8um

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