Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Are you eager to once and for all move beyond limiting beliefs and into your greatest life of love and infinite possibility?

Do you want to experience the delicious ALIVENESS that comes from living from your heart and walking your path with ease and grace? We all have access to a reservoir of limitless possibility and vast wisdom. When we tap into this power, the abundance we experience is deeper (and truer) than that which comes from just accumulating material possessions. It satisfies a soul hunger so many of us feel to be fully, truly, authentically ourselves and to live more naturally, even effortlessly. When we are “plugged in,” we are constantly filled and rejuvenated from the INSIDE – and that results in an abundance of loving relationships, meaningful work, success, service and material beauty on the outside. But too many of us have distorted ideals of what it means to be conscious or enlightened, often involving sacrificing and undermining our core human needs to simply give, give and give some more. It’s how most of us have been taught. We haven’t known another way. And yet, we ARE the divine source as well, so if we close down our connection internally and deplete ourselves, we have far less to give. If you’ve done dozens of workshops, read myriad books, been on the conscious path for many years, but still bump up against the same old “stuff” and can’t seem to really break free from the doubts, fears and perceived limitations, this course is for you. If you’ve practiced visualizations and affirmations with limited success, this course is for you as well. While forms of “thought magic” or “attraction” gimmicks can help, the deeper truth is that we must learn to awaken to the fullness of who we really are and then use the energy within our own body to become masters of our lives. Then we are living from the aligned, open, true place that calls forth the life we want. When you understand how to tap into the broader energies of the universe and experience your multi-dimensional essence, you access a field of potential that is Infinite Possibility. Limitless. Creative. Wondrous. And when you give of yourself in service in the world, you can then pour forth that abundance – without depletion! And that, in turn is magnetic to more abundance. >>>

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